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Original story: Bedo aka Buddy is an almost 2-yr old vizsla (b. 7/1/2009) whose family didn't feel they could provide the exercise and attention required by an active young vizsla. He is good with people and other dogs but is a big boy at about 70-lbs and 26-inches, manageable with a dog savvy cat. We feel he will do best in a home with another active dog. He is a big goofy boy with a body slamming rough and tumble play style who doesn't realize how big he is. He is used to sleeping in the bed with his humans, not crate trained and will need a securely fenced yard. He walks reasonably well on leash and comes with a pack of parlor tricks. Because of his height he is an expert counter cruiser and weight management will be important for him.

Jun 2011: Bode aka Bedo Buddy made the trek to UT in quick order once the family saw his photos. They had previously had a large Vizsla in Rusty who has passed on so having a big boy was just the ticket for this family. Bode was welcomed to UT by Zoe and regular visitor Sapphire the Doberman (who is also a rescue dog). Zoe was glad to have help in the rough and tumble games that ensued. Bode was the first dog to wear out Sapphire! She has met her match and they love to play for hours. Bode loves having people and dogs around and is settling into the house routine. Bode also loves kids and has gone visiting to play with them. He gets regular walks and play time at the local dog park. The family admits they are a bit like Hotel California -- "Relax, said the night man, we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave." I am sure Bode is happy to never leave and to also be a Ute fan who wears red oh so well.

Oct 2016: Bode & Zoe welcomed MAC into their family.

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