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Original story, Jan 2012: Ali is a 9-mo purebred vizsla (b. 4/22/2011) from very high drive field lines. While she is outgoing and friendly, this is not a dog for a busy family with young kids. She has not been hunted and she needs a year round job whether it be agility or hiking/running/biking. Ali was in at least 2 homes prior to coming to us and in both cases was given up for having too much energy so neighborhood walks and occasional trips to the dog park are not going to be enough for her. She is good with other dogs but not with cats. She chases lights and this behavior should not be encouraged as it can overtake their lives and be very detrimental. (Please see "Sammy chasing shadows" on www.youtube.com.) She is eager to learn and will be a great running/hiking buddy who might hunt with you but if you are looking for a casual companion hunter who will lay around the house and be a snuggle-buddy the rest of the year, she is not the dog for you. Ali does some demand barking and will protest at first in a crate but she eventually settles. We want her next home to be her forever home.

Feb 2012: Her foster mom reports she is a real firecracker! I think she could make a good pet as long as she gets enough exercise for both her body and mind. She loves to snuggle in your lap and likes to lean on you every now and then. She doesn't fetch in the back yard yet but if you throw a toy down the hall she will bring it back again and again. She is even getting better about being left outside. She went out this morning and peed while I went in and shut the door, then she checked in the window and went back out and pooped all by herself! She definitely needs an Easy Walk harness or something similar as she pulls very hard. She has been perfectly house trained here and at work and seems to know "go potty". But she has learned to wait her turn for her food bowl and not try to take the other dogs' food. She is very good about playing with and chewing on her toys, not anything else so far. Feb 6, 2011: Ali's foster mom reports she is a fast learner and sent this video of her practicing some agility moves over the weekend.

Mar 2012: Ali got the new name of Bobbi when she joined Buck as the newest member of Barb & Chuck's household. Having recently lost Addie and accustomed to having two vizslas, they were ready for some more female energy in the home. We hope they didn't get more than they bargained for with our little party-girl but we believe they are up to the task and reports are that she's getting them trained quickly. Welcome to the Buck & Bobbi show!

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