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Original story: Oct 2011: Bodacious is an approx. 5 yo purebred male who came from a rural UT shelter as an unclaimed stray. Bo is neutered and up to date on shots, microchipped, and had a dental. Bo is a quirky dog who would like to find his place in a home that will appreciate him. He is 23" tall and a compact 45 lbs, tail docked, dews off. He has a short and crooked nose that gives him character. It is probably from an injury when he was young and it just tends to make his eyes water a bit more than typical. Bo gets along with other dogs and is starting to play but NO to cats. He does not fetch or play with toys so far. He is very focused on humans and whines when apart. He is cratable but not a real fan and can be vocal so probably not an apartment dog. He sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom. We have not left him free in the house as he does like socks and to counter surf. He gets along with most people he has met but he does show some guarding tendencies of his humans and human food. We have not taken Bo off leash. If you are dog saavy, have a calm house, and want a companion who will stick to your side then Bo is looking for his "quirky" human. We would like to place Bo within a few hours of the Salt Lake Valley.

Dec 2012: Bo waited for almost a year before his perfect home found him. Bernice had spent her life with Vizsla and was looking for a boy who could fill her days and nights with laughes and cuddles. Bo fits the bill. He is silly as can be when he stretches out full length on the carpet and pulls himself forward on his elbows to get a belly scratch on the carpet. He also is great friends with the little female dog in the house and can been seen chasing a white fluff ball round and round the "mulberry bush". Bo measures up in the cuddles department and shares the bed or rocking chair with Bernice, or shall we tell the truth - he hogs the space. Bernice and her house companion have fallen in love with Bo even if he has stuck his paw in the chocolate cake on the counter and broken a candy dish in an attempt to steal the contents. Bo is home - but Auntie Reb misses you and your crooked little nose dearly.

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