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Tristins Little Bo aka Bo is a 6-yr old AKC registered vizsla out of Remington Styles Wests and Ripleys Peppermint Twist Tanya b.8/24/2001. Bo came to us from his second home because he was timid and had recently started barking at kids playing outside the fence. He caught a ride to Idaho with Penny & Butterfly in June, spent one nite and then caught a ride to north central Idaho the next day to meet his foster mom. Teresa recognized him right away as a typical kiss-up vizsla and between going to work with her and meeting everyone at the WSU vet clinic during his neuter surgery he was pronounced a very nice boy!

Lynne & Chuck were on the waiting list for a vizsla who could move into their family without a lot of training and who would come to call and be a good hiking buddy since their new home backs up to BLM land. Bo was that dog and he went home in August.

August 2007, Bo writes:
Dear Teresa and Family,
I am feeling pretty good about this latest transition, I rode home so quietly I bet they were wondering if they thought I was even there!

After sniffing everything a number of times in the house I feel that it's an acceptable doggy habitat. I only wanted to "mark" one thing, a house plant that was resting on the floor- seemed reasonable to me, but not to them and so just as I lifted my leg I got a tug on the leash and that ended my indoor marking ideas.

Saturday we hung out in the neighborhood, walking and smelling the yard- LOTS of chippys, birds and even the coyotes make noises at night so I mark my lot well! I got to go to the downtown dog park for a bit, some big girl poodle liked to jump and run but I minded my business mostly running to each corner of the block to establish my presence again.

Sunday they took me canoeing! I rode in the middle of the boat and didn't even have to paddle! There has been lots of stimulation and therefore I am tired at night and sleep in my crate really well!

Monday I got the tour of the house that smells like sawdust, met the finish workers and was curios why we need to go back and forth between houses? They keep saying "this will be home in December". I think I'll like it there as the BLM land beckons with even more critters.
THANK YOU for everything Teresa and team!
I'll write more later, Bo

May 2012: We recieved the sad sad news that Bo passed away on May 8th after a short struggle with osteo-sarcoma. Thank you, Lynne & Chuck for giving him the best years of his life. Visit Bo at The Bridge.

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