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Blitzen was an owner release in April 2001 from a family who moved from a house into an apartment. Blitzen did not adjust well to not having a yard and was having accidents in the house. The family decided it would be best to find him another home. Blitzen was born 10/97 and has his AKC pedigree. He was raised with children and has a wonderful attitude to even a 2 yo child. He wanted to find a home with a stay home mom and children to play with. Blitzen did OK with other dogs but was a bit too bossy with other males and spent most of his time trying to be the dominant guy. He really wanted to be the only dog.

The Davis family were happy to offer Blitzen a home and for more than a year he was the best friend to the family and children. In summer of 2002 they went on a family vacation and Blitzen apparently developed severe separation anxiety due to thunderstorms and/or not being visited by the house sitter. The family was not able to cope so asked Michelle Jacobsen the FL coordinator to again place him. In August of 2002 Richard and Lucy opened their hearts and home but again the thunderstorms were too much stress for Blitzen. He hoped on a plane back to UT and the Dowdell gang.

May 2003: The Ebers family in CA felt that he was the perfect match for their home and promise that they don't get many thunderstorms. Communicator Nina Dale spoke with Blitzen and he approved his new home and requested a round red doggie bed and some canned dog food to go with his kibble! Blitzen loves going out in the back yard and running around trying to find a squirrel. His new dad works from home so Blitzen will get lots of love and attention from the whole family and will have 2 girls to love on him.

Jun 2003: Check out new pix of Blitzen with his family. It seems that life in California agrees with him.

Oct 2009: Added some new photos of Blitzen who turns 12-yrs old this month!

Feb 2010: Blitzen left for The Bridge after a short battle with age related illness, surrounded by the love of a great family.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Blitzen with his new family.

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