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Cutter, Shorty, Trumpas and Blaze were the result of an accidental breeding to first time breeders. The dam is only 1 yo and has not had hips OFA'd. The sire is 2.5 and is supposed to have an OFA score but it is not yet listed. The vet appears to also not know how to read a standard and the tails are GSP docked and much too short, dews are removed. The pups were born 12/29/04 and were neutered prior to placement. Blaze is the biggest of the pups. She is also the most independent, vocal, and opinionated. She is not shy of the big dogs and strives to be with them running around the yard. Cutter is her most constant buddy and also not too shy with big dogs. He is a little more middle of the road in personality. Trumpas is at times shy with the big dogs and also with humans. He is however quite rowdy with the other pups and loves a loud game of tug or wrestle. When he is picked up he goes limp and just snuggles. Shorty is the most shy with humans and the big dogs. Keep in mind these are generalizations and things noticed within this pack of 4 pups and that each dog will grow and mature based to a large extent on your home. All of the pups when you sit on the floor will come racing over to climb in your lap, chew on your hair or shirt, chase your feet etc. As all young puppies do they chew anything and everything. They are not housetrained but are getting the drift to holler when they want to go out -- but we don't always make it. We think that young puppies and very young children are a difficult match and require an immense amount of work to train your dog to understand your child and vice versa. Puppies are also like young children in that you have to watch them every second so they don't squirt out under a fence or chew on lamp cords etc. We recommend strongly the use of a crate for training and as a safe haven for when you are not home or cannot watch the puppy or adult dog. **Very special THANKS to the Berner's for support of these pups which go back to their dog as a grandsire on the mother's side (Strider Vizslas) -- you are AWESOME.**

Blaze spent her first week in CA up at the house at the lake. She surprised her new dad by jumping right into the water for a swim. She is quite the bold girl and thinks the world was made for her. She has been on car rides, been to stores, and seems to be adored by all. She looks like she is going to live up to her name and her family hopes that she does show that Vizsla spunk and fire! Special thanks to Rita M. for providing their application and keeping an eye open for the special female pup they wanted.

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Other pups from this litter are
Stoli (was Cutter)
Bob (was Trumpas)
Bogart (was Shorty)

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