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Jun 2015, Jenny writes: Belle came to us at 2 yrs old, b. 9/25/2012; dam: Lockwoods Graceful Hunter, sire: Lucca Cowboy John Hughes. Belle was the product of a chaotic divorce and came to us with a fear of men. She spent 8 weeks in foster care and it took 3 weeks of many patient moments by Jenny's husband to get her to the point where Belle would allow him to reach out and pet her. Otherwise, he just had to dangle his hand from the chair and let her come to him. We knew Belle needed to go to an amazing, patient, very special home... or she was going to stay at ours. Her heart was so big and she wanted so badly to trust and love someone. That's when her adopted family contacted me through another long time Vizsla family. They were "perfect'! They had two other dogs and Katie & Jay have given Belle the life of patience, calm experiences and love beyond love. She is blossoming now and loves loves loves her forever family!

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