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Bella (was Scout) and her sister Reba (was Ava) came to us at 2-yrs old as owner surrenders when their respective families didn't have enough time to spend with them. Our foster home found Bella to be a well-socialized, happy and pretty outgoing vizsla.

Jul 2009, Jan writes: Bella is amazing, she loves going on errands, walks anywhere and lap cuddles! She's great with all our friends dogs and is very social. Thanks again for helping us obtain a wonderful new family member.

Aug 2009: Bella found her way to a new home through a complicated series of events but the bottom line is that, with the help of many caring people, Jim & Jan were able to pick her up on a trip from BC to western Oregon to buy up a new travel trailer. So you could say Bella came with her very own travel trailer and will be stylin' on her cross-country road trips between Canada and the southern United States. Sometimes the dogs really have to work to find their perfect home and Bella certainly performed some magic to find hers!

Jim & Jan report Bella is as perfect as they come, hardly leaves their side, comes to call (usually) and is happy and friendly. She is a perfect fit in all ways for their active lifestyle.

Sep 2009, Jim & Jan write: Just a quick note to say all is well with Bella. She started a 6-week obedience class last Monday. She was very shy there ..but better at the end so it will be good for her (and us). She has put on about 5-lbs of muscle from hiking and got back to 35-lbs where she was when the original owners had her. Every day she is delightful..full of love and life!!

Dec 2011, Jim & Jan write: Bella is doing great. She is happy and healthy. We love her and she gets to bike, hike, camp and winter in AZ. We love that she is so small and goes most places with us. Merry Xmas

Feb 2017, Jim & Jan write: Hi Penny, Bella turns 10 in March. She is still doing great, white face and all... Loves walks and hikes, sees well, hears well (unless she doesn't want to). We have had 8 great years with her. Many thanks

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