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Original story, Aug 2011: Bella is a 3-yr old purebred female vizsla who was loved in her previous house but when the human baby came along she had a hard time learning to share attention. Bella was not socialized well with the world in general so she is looking for a patient experienced owner to help her adjust to the sights and sounds of the big world. Bella loves to play with other dogs but needs supervision because if the play gets too rough she might accelerate rather than back down. She is easy to call off but it could be a problem if not managed correctly by the owner or if the other dog doesn't have good play skills. Bella is strictly a no cat home kind of girl. She is well trained and knows her basic commands but she was very spoiled so she questions commands to see if she really has to do what she is told. Bella enjoys being outside and is ok being out by herself. She will bark or whine to be let in or out. She is very well housetrained and is doing well with crate training. Bella is only 3 and with the right training she has the potential to become a great lifelong companion. She has not been hunted but she has the potential to be a good hunter as she builds her confidence.

Dec 2011: Anne was missing the vizsla energy in her life after losing Petra to old age earlier in the year. Bella needed a home with few other dogs and a family who could keep her properly spoiled but not push her before she's ready to socialize. So shortly before Christmas, Anne & Zach met Teresa & Dan in central Idaho and brought home their new baby girl. Kelly also made it home from working out of town so Bella's Christmas wish was truly complete.

Jan 2011, Anne writes: Happy New Year to all! Bella is busy treeing squirrels and birds. She is so fun and entertaining to watch, she is happy and loves to snuggle and then frolick. So glad she is here and she loves her backyard. Bella continues to lose weight with her running and ever bounding energy, she is busy talking and Zach is teaching her to repeat him when he tells her I love you she answers with a woowoowoo it is rather fascinating she is just so fantastic.

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