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'BAS (was KEVIN)

Kevin is a 7-8 yo male who was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. He is about 23" tall, and 50-lbs but needs to gain some weight. He had kennel cough and a tougher than normal neuter as only one testicle had descended. He has no fatty lumps that we can see and had a small enlarged mole removed from his tummy. He is graying in the face and some on his feet but he has lots of puppy energy. He loves to play catch with a tennis ball. He is very affectionate, very Vizsla in nature and needs to be near his people. He is making progress on house and crate training. He did jump the 5 foot fence when he had access to the yard via doggie door so needs to be watched closely in the yard. He gets along with the big and small dogs in foster care but may be best with a female or a non "in charge" male. He seems to know the basic commands but needs more work on all of them. Kevin is really a great dog who is loving now being an indoor dog. He is unknown with cats and we suspect he would not be good with them. We do not know if he has any hunting ability.

Jan 2007: After several months in foster care and 2 weeks at Ellie's Pet Hotel (thanks Auntie Phylene!), Kevin hit the jackpot when Robin inquired about adding him to the pack as vizsla #2. Sadie & Kevin went into instant play mode at the meeting in Pendleton and were fast friends by the time they arrived home. His new name is 'Bas... short for Sebastian. Sadie is delighted to have a play buddy in residence and Bas loves his new V sister as you can tell from the pictures.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of both Sadie & Bas.

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