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'Tula aka Autumn &, finally, Bailey was purchased from a backyard breeder at about 12-wks old by someone who cared enough about his 14-yr old vizsla mix girl to realize that raising a puppy was not her idea of a happy retirement life. She much preferred having dad all to herself so he contacted rescue to see about rehoming 'Tula. Of course we said yes and Karen & Pat didn't hesitate with an offer to foster her.... and christened her Autumn in honor of the season. She was born in June 2007.

Nov 2007: Kristen & Andy heard about Autumn through a mutual acquaintance of her foster mom, Karen, and arranged to meet her. There wasn't much question she was the right match for them and we knew there would be no turning back once they got her home. With her new home came a new name of Bailey and besides being a great family dog and friend, Bailey will also get to be Andy's huntin' buddy.

Jan 2008 Kirsten writes: She is doing wonderful. I can't even tell you how much we love her. Andy has been having a ball with her. He likes to go hide bird wings in the yard and she goes out and finds them. I love coming home because she seems to not know when to slow down so when she greets you she more or less crashes into you to say hello. She loved the Christmas Tree too. She liked to sleep under it.

Oct 2008: I have been meaning to email and update you for a while. Our life is so busy these days. Bailey is doing very well. She is so good with our nearly 4 month old. She thinks it is her duty to make sure Lauren has a clean face :) She is Andy's little hunting buddy, and unlike some hunting dogs she still comes home and is affectionate with me. Andy is not always the center of her world, she seems to know that we are all a family. We are so happy Bailey is a part of our family. We were nervous of how she would be around a newborn. We never worried about her personality, just her energy. She is suprisingly very gentle and seems to know Lauren is a baby. Andy took a blanket Lauren was wrapped in at the hospital and gave it to Bailey before we came home. She needs very little reminding to be gentle. I hope all is well with you and the other Vizslas out there.

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