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Original story: Axel is a 2-1/2 yr old male who came into rescue when his first family had a new baby and no time for him and he was simply too much dog for his second home. Despite living some of his early years tied up because he would escape from the yard in search of people, he is very personable and makes the most of any attention he gets. He's independent enough to be left when necessary but you won't want to leave him behind very often because he is a great traveler, running partner and all around buddy. Axel needs a home where he can be inside when you are gone and with his family when you are home. He is wonderful meeting all people and dogs both on leash and off, has fair recall off lead within about 20 yards but is used to living and hunting for himself so needs work on recall. He does well at doggie daycare but not with cats, has not been evaluated with toddlers but doesn't shy away from meeting kids and would probably do okay with kids 10+. He doesn't not appear to be gun shy but has not been evaluated for hunting. He walks nice on a lead with a front-clip Easy-Walk harness and has never met a stranger.

Aug 2009: In March, Axel found his perfect home and the new, friendlier name of Bailey to go with it. There were a few bumps in the road at first but, not being one to give up on a true gem, Carrie was determined to bring out the best in him and with the help of some good trainers, a wonderful private off leash dog park (Camp Charlie) and plenty of love, Bailey is truly home. He joins Bella, a senior gsp and a horse as the newest well-loved four-legged member of the family. One of Carrie's criteria was that he be good with horses and he certainly is that.

In June, Bailey invited some of his friends from Idaho and the Seattle area to join him at his favorite doggie playground aka Camp Charlie and in July he went on his first camping trip and Carrie reports he had a blast and was a very good boy. You go, Bailey.... have a great life and remember, your job is to be a dog and have fun and let Carrie worry about the details.

May 2010: Bailey & his family made the move from WA to CA. Being a "country boy" at heart, city life has been a little overwhelming for Bailey but his family loves him very much and is working with him to help him love his new environment and feel at home.

Apr 4, 2011: Bailey lost his big sister, Bella, to age related health issues. Bella was a rescue dog too and we can't thank her enough for paving the way for Bailey into the family. Bella is probably not resting at all but chasing birds, running on the beach and running in the big fields... healthy and pain free at The Bridge. No doubt "Uncle Frank" was delighted to have yet another hunting, fishing, camping buddy join him. Bella was a smart girl to choose Carrie's family to travel life's road with.

Apr 8, 2011, Carrie writes: It's official.... Bailey has a girlfriend! Her name is Molly and she is 13-mos old and the tiniest Vizsla I have ever seen in my life. She lives only 5 minutes from us so I bring Bailey to her house to play and then I bring the two of them back to our house to play. The other night they wrestled for 3 hours while our families had dinner. He's so athletic and beautiful and plays VERY WELL with other dogs.

Jul 2013: Beauty shot of Bailey! We hope you are enjoying summer! Love Bailey & Carrie

Dec 2016: Added two new photos of Bailey from 2016.

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