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Bailey is a 7-yo female vizsla, owner turned into an Idaho shelter because of a move... b. 4/25/2000 per the person who turned her in. She is good with cats, other dogs and all people as far as we can tell. She's not the most graceful vizsla you've ever met but what she lacks in looks she makes up for in personality. We were told she was a kennel dog all her life but she is comfortable in a house, loves the couch and respects fences. She wants to be a lap dog, likes car rides (although she doesn't always want to get out!) and is agreeable to almost anything. Bailey is a big girl at 50-lbs and there is nothing graceful about her but you won't find a more lovable dog and getting her out of your bed is probably akin to trying to move a beached whale! In foster care she is learning about couches, playing with toys and other dogs and needs work on crate training... although a crate is probably not needed for her in most cases. This is one very happy dog!
Feb 2008: We've discovered Bailey has a bit of separation anxiety so will need a home who understands this issue and can help her work through it. She will break out of a crate if left unattended and did some serious damage to a door frame when we tried to leave her loose with another very calm dog. It's important to understand it's not a question of how long she is left alone but rather what she does in the first 15 minutes after you walk out the door. We were told she was kept as a kennel dog in her previous home so it could be she would do okay in a secure outdoor run for times when you have to leave her.
Mar 2008: Bailey seems to do fine in the car as long as she can see people... and any people will do. It doesn't have to be any one person and if the car is parked on a busy steet she is a happy girl.
Apr 2008: Bailey turns 8 on Friday April 25th and she would appreciate birthday wishes! We'll do our best to make it special for her but what she really wants is a home of her own.
Jul 2008: Bailey is a great traveling buddy, motel camper and concert goer. She was an absolute gem meeting kids of all ages and other dogs at a concert weekend in Stanley ID. She also does well at sidewalk cafes and coffee shops. You can take Bailey anywhere you go, just don't leave her home alone.

UPDATE Apr 2009: Bailey found the home she waited for so long with Tom on the islands north of Seattle. Tom contacted us looking for a buddy to help heal his broken heart after losing his vizsla girl to old age. Lady prepared Tom and his family well for Bailey because she had separation anxiety too so taking a dog along wherever they go is nothing new. Bailey loves the attention from the whole family including grand kids and the great grands and the kitties are tolerating her as well. She loves to chase squirrels in the huge fenced yard and we're pretty sure she doesn't miss her life in the desert of southern Idaho at all. We miss our special girl but take comfort in knowing she is loved and appreciated for her very special quirks!

Feb 2015 Bailey returned to her former foster home after Tom passed away and she had trouble adjusting to life with other family members. She had a pretty good 4 months hunting and fishing in southern Idaho where her rescue journey began back in 2008. In February she developed some skin masses and was due for a recheck the next day. As was her style, Bailey made her own decision. She collapsed in the wee hours of the morning and an ultrasound showed fluid and masses near her heart and spleen so we made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully just short of her 14th birthday. We know Tom & Lady were waiting for her, as well as her Idaho friends, Frank & Donny. Please visit Bailey at The Bridge.

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