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BAILEY (He's really NOT as sweet as he looks!)

On 12/23/00 I read an ad in the local paper for Vizsla mix breed pups for $25. I called to give them my speech about not dumping unsold pups at a shelter and to ask if I could send them a discount spay or neuter coupon. The day after Christmas I got a call from the woman asking me to come get a pup they could not sell. He was dubbed Bailey's Irish Cream -- his mom is a V and dad is an Irish Setter and he has a spot of cream on his chest. Bailey at 7 weeks had no shots, his natural tail and dew claws. Bailey was much luckier than his litter mates. The family kept mom and dad as yard dogs and had never had pups before so when they arrived home one Sunday after church they found 4 pups frozen to death in the snow. They moved mom into the garage where she had 4 more pups and they sold 3.

Little Bailey had the luck o the Irish on his side. After entertaining the troops in Salt Lake, giving puppy kisses, and terrorizing the adult dogs - Bailey climbed aboard his chauffeur driven coach on 1/8/01 and caught a ride all the way up to his new home in Seattle with Katelyn of WA rescue. Katelyn and Jeff were visiting family in AZ and put UT on the route back home to give Bailey a ride to his new parents Don and Mary Kaye. Bailey is now schooling Ida Red his V sister who is also a UT/ID rescue girl. Hang on Don and Mary Kaye for wild ride #2 and thanks for making rescue dogs your choice of adoption.

Aug 5, 2015 Mary Kaye writes: I wanted to let you both know that Bailey was helped across the Rainbow Bridge today. We had nearly 15 years together, fun years. We're pretty heart broken right now and have no immediate plans to adopt again. But we will! Thank you so much for giving us Bailey and his love. Please visit Bailey at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Bailey with his new family.

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