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Tyson, Polly (Ivy), Badger (Snap) and Sofie (Daisy) came into rescue via a local breeder. Their tails are docked too short and they have no AKC papers but who cares when you are as cute and this gang. The troop spent some time with the Dowdells while they had a chance to grow up to 8-9 weeks old. Puppies should not be sent home at 6 weeks old! The group got their names in part from the flowers they destroyed and carried around the yard. They had a ball and learned quickly to go out and play and dig and chase the big dogs. These puppies were all well socialized, fearless, and charmers from the first day.

Nov 2007: Badger was the second puppy to leave home. He went to Colorado to continue the tradition of Vizsla in the home of Julia & Dewitt. Badger proved to be a quick learner with the horses, followed dad all around the property and rode to work often as well. Badger was doing great on his training and he has now checked in to hunting school for more training! We are happy to have him be the third dog in their home from us and we hope that he is a first rate hunter as well as bed cuddler. We hear that a few bets were placed on where he would sleep and that Badger won the spot on the foot of the humans bed.

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