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BABE - Story coming

Aug 2011: Babe is an approx 11-mo old female possible vizsla/ridgeback or vizsla/lab. Since she's from a shelter we will never know for sure. Her tail is docked very short, short single coat and weighs about 40-lbs. She was adopted once and returned to the shelter after her adopter of 3 months said she was too rambunctious. She is outgoing and friendly and a body slamming party animal with other dogs. She loves to play fetch. Her temp foster home said she used the dog door and was trusted loose in the house with another older dog. They had lots of toys, chew bones and another dog to keep her busy. She takes full advantage of the toys and you can tell she has fun all day so make sure she has something to play with because we assume she would find something to play with one way or another.

She does want to chase/bark at bicycles so we would like a home who can continue desensitizing her to bikes. Other than bikes, she appears to have no issues and loves people of all ages. She does jump up to say "hi" and will need basic obedience. She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and wants your attention. She is always wanting to play and will make sure you know she is in the room by laying toys on your lap and sitting to wait for you to throw it. Babe is looking for a home that can offer her plenty of exercise for her mind as well as her body.

Aug 24: Babe is now in a foster home with a very well-adjusted lab/birddog buddy and making great progress. Her foster dad & Nesta love her energy level but she can be a handful and needs an owner who can get her the exercise she needs. Babe has been in several homes during her short life and she needs guidance, direction and consistency. She's learning about crate training and basic manners like not jumping up on people. Her previous humans apparently played the "chase me" game with her so she needs work on recall and people focus but she is eager to learn and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. Her foster dad is working with her on her reaction to bicycles and seeing improvement after just a short time. It could be she was in a fenced yard where she could see bikes and not get to them and, now that she's getting tons of positive reinforcement for interacting with bicycles, life is better.

Aug 29, Ty writes: Babe is doing great. Learning lots, going on multiple daily bike rides for desesitization (and for my sanity). Doing much better with bikes when she's on leash, but still super reactive if she's in the back yard or in the car. After a nice morning bike ride though she is crashed out and I imagine will stay that way till noon or so. She's still obviously a bundle of energy, but with regular exercise I think she's at least now worked out her pent-up energy from being at the boarding facility and whatnot. She would be great for someone that wants a jogging partner, or I'm sure she'd be awesome at agility if someone is willing to put in the work.

Oct 1: Babe is a really fun dog. She will be a bit of a project but a fun project with a positive outcome for the right person ready to meet her high drive never-met-a-stranger attitude head-on. Life's a party and Babe is ready to keep it rollin'. See a new photo of Babe with Mandie from Downtown Hound taken at the Habitat booth during See Spot Walk 2011.

Oct 19: Quick update... Babe is doing much better with the cat in foster care. She is interested but we are now able to have them both loose together and only need to intervene if she decides she wants to play and the other dogs ignore her so she starts play bowing with the cat. She is doing better with bicycles during car rides with lots of treats and good timing. Now when she sees a bike she looks at our hand to see what's being served... which is preferable to barking her head off at bikes. Babe loves to learn!
New video: Babe & Zoe playing tug.

Oct 29: Check out Babe's pictures on the blog at First Class Critters. Much thanks to Brandon & Carrie for running Babe and keeping us all sane.

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