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JR is a 4-1/2 yr old neutered male who came into rescue through a tragic car accident. JR was riding in a car with his owner and 14 year old son when the car rolled several times, ejecting JR and killing both passengers. JR was found and brought to a shelter the following day where he was linked to the accident by a picture found in his owner's wallet. Luckily JR's injuries were only a severely broken back leg and many scrapes. He spent a frightening, painful week in the shelter before it was determined no other family members wanted to take JR and rescue was called. With an excellent surgeon and 4 hours of surgery, JR's leg was pinned and wired back together and after many months of recuperation, he has regained most function of the leg- walking, running, playing, but will hold it up when standing still. No future medical care of the injury is expected.

Despite the trauma of what he has been through, JR is a very happy boy with a great attitude and fun personality. He displays all the traits of what a typical Vizsla can be- good and bad. It is obvious he was used to accompanying his owner wherever he went and even after the accident, loves to go for rides in the car. He is the ultimate adoring Velcro dog, wanting to be as close to you as possible at all times but can do it without being annoying. He is very well mannered, housebroken and crate trained, but can also be left alone in the house safely. JR does not like being outside alone even if he has the company of other dogs. He is great with cats and loves to play with other dogs. He can be wary of new people and circumstances at first, but will soon relax if given his own space and not pressured too fast.

JR was a one person dog and he is somewhat possessive of his humans. Other dogs can take his food or toys but he wants to be #1 when it comes to attention and will intimidate other dogs to ensure his place. With an experienced person who can read dog signals, this is manageable as JR listens extremely well and his desire is to above all please you. Whether or not he can live compatibly with another dog would depend on the personality and dominant nature of the other dog. Because of the potential issues that could be created with his protective nature JR would be best in a home without small children. Visiting children should be fine.

The ideal home for JR is one where he can go many places with his owner and if not live with other dogs, have many dog friends to play with. He needs a home where ha can have a very close relationship with someone who understands his need to have you as the center of his universe and he of yours.

Jul 2004 update from the Smiths: Funny how things work out way different from what you plan. This has been a weird and wonderful week. JR has been different this past week or so. He has been far less clingy, less protective, and was willing to run outside with the other dogs without us. He had an almost excited attitude, like he knows this week was his final checkup appointment before he would be able to go to his "real" home. JR loves to play with other dogs and we have a young female pitbull mix who lives near us and loves to come over to play. Mabel and JR played especially well together. This past week, Mabel's family was on vacation and she stayed at our house. One night I saw JR and Mabel laying on their sides, back to back with their faces touching and suddenly I had one of those moments... JR belongs with Mabel. Mabel's family came home from vacation and Amy commented that Mabel spent all day watching and crying by the front door. We suggested that JR go visit her at their house to play. JR and Mabel spent the day happy together with JR never thinking twice about his foster family. I swear JR and Mabel had this planned all along.

Jul 2011: We got the sad news that JR passed away last summer after many happy years with his loving family. See the tribute to JR at The Bridge.

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