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Jun 2013: Axel was surrendered to a rural UT shelter and found his new family in big sky country. His family writes that he is doing great! Meeting the neighbors and family and everyone loves him. He is learning to cross creeks with Kihei but would rather jump them when possible. He is getting better on the leash and is chasing gophers and deer out of the yard. The grackles lost a few of their fledglings to his "whack-a-mole" maneuvers....the Grackles are noisy and pester the finches and blue birds so no tears were shed. He loves "sleeping in" while Kihei is up early with a tennis ball in her mouth. Axel is a small boy so takes up very little space on the bed. Axel ran after the neighbor's bird dog today when we were walking and the neighbor could not get his dog to come back with an impressive whistle but Axel came back to his name -- Good boy! Axel has also decided he likes John Deere green - take a look at the photos as he shows off his skills at tractor sitting. Be a good boy Axel, you have big shoes to fill for Frankie but we are sure you are up to the task.

Jun 2014, Bryan writes: He is fantastically cuddly, runs with complete abandonment and is now great around other folks on trails. He still points for human food but, instead of begging, he sits like a sphinx on the back of the couch watching for stray falling food. Kihei... so good always. She keeps Axel in line but plays with him enthusiastically. She loves fetching and swimming. She continues to impress even self proclaimed dog-a-phobes :) Both very healthy... Axel 46 pounds and Kihei is 68 pounds.

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