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Autumn was born 8/15/99. She is 46 lbs, 23" tall, tail docked, dews off, spayed. Autumn is having a rough transition from the only home she has ever known. She was raised with older children and when the parents got divorced she was bounced between homes and ended up with grandparents who did not want her to stay forever. The last 6-8 months have been very hard. Autumn has always liked women better then men and small screaming children make her nervous. Autumn was not properly socialized to a wider world and so she is timid of some things. She is housetrained, crate trained, loves to cuddle and sleep under the covers, likes car rides. She had run of the house in her original home but we are crating her and she seeks out the crate when she gets nervous. Autumn is anxious and does a fair amount of shaking when in worrisome situations. She has been given light sedation at prior vet visits for exams and nail trimming and we expect that will continue. We are looking for a home for her that is quiet and would prefer a woman or women. She would probably work well in an apartment situation with daily walks. I do not think she is ready or will be anytime soon for off leash romps at dog parks. She is in foster care with 3 male dogs and doing fine with dogs. She likes to play with Clyde and does romp with him daily. Another dog might help her feel more at home but we have not had her with other females. Autumn will bond very deeply with her person(s) and desperately wants to find a place that she can again be loved, understood, and accepted for the dog that she is and could be.

Nov 2004: Autumn was one of those adoptions that seemed like a dream. Shortly after listing her, and thinking she was going to be a long term foster, I got a call from Marsha. Her application read like I had written the bio exactly for her and Autumn. So on a sunny fall weekend we both jumped in cars and started driving. Marsha reports that Autumn is a great match to her home and activity level. She does not seem at all nervous and seldom "shakes". She loves to go for power walks and play in the yard. She spends time sleeping in the office while Marsha works from home or watching all the activity outside from the sunny window with a view. Autumn has also been to the senior center to visit where she did just fine. Autumn's dream has come true to be loved and pampered and mine in finding a home that knows Vizsla and one willing to take on a girl who is not as social as we would hope. Thanks Marsha -- and enjoy your dreams with your deluxe foot warmer and under cover girl.

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