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Original story: Arty is a new intake from a small town shelter near Salt Lake City. He is guessed to be 1-2 years old, friendly, exuberant and minds pretty well except for being very excited to explore all of his surroundings. He has a full tail and dew claws but appears to be a purebred vizsla as far as we can tell.

Nov 2008: Janet's family had recently lost their vizsla to a spinal tumor at far too young an age and were missing having a big goof vizsla in their lives. Janet reports Arty is doing well. He spends his days on squirrel patrol and wears himself out by 7:30pm! We go to the dog park several times a week. He LOVES the dog park. He will get even the oldest, crankiest dog to play with him- truly living up to the "party" name. If we don't go to the dog park we usually take an off leash walk on nearby trails. He does very well at staying close by, just like my other Vs have done. He doesn't seem to know "come" but responds mildly to "come here", as Karen said. He does come to "treat" and "dinner"! He has not been destructive around the house, only chewing up all of the dog toys that my previous dog left (he hasn't finished them off yet) and he did eat the end off one very old Birkenstock that was left in the entry hall. His only bad habit is trying (or succeeding) in getting in my lap at the kitchen table or the computer chair, and right now he has his entire front half wedged between my back and the back of the chair.(Did we forget to mention Vs are lap dogs?)

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