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Artie aka Arthur is an approx 6-mo old lab/vizsla mix from a shelter in Utah who found his way to Idaho with the help of many caring people. We are still getting to know him but initial evaluation is that he is sweet little man, outgoing and doesn't seem to know a stranger. He is neutered and current on basic vaccines. He has the short coat of a vizsla but will have the build of a lab when he grows into his skin. Right now he is 100% puppy, loves car rides and looking to be someone's best buddy ever!

Update Nov 14: Arthur here, speaking to you from my foster home where I live with a crazy yellow lab named Bo... and from what I have observed they should have named him "Bozo"! (I need to get away fast!) Since I am still a puppy I have all the extra fun puppy habits like chewing so it's important to me that you can afford to buy me lots of doggie chew toys and then watch me to make sure I chew on my toys and not yours. I'm not sure my foster dad fully appreciates me but, according to my foster mom, I am an angel and already better trained than "Bozo". I learned to sit in a record 3 days and I have not used any part of the house as a bathroom. I sleep in my crate at night and I promise I will totally ignore your cat. I'm a happy puppy looking for a good home and did I tell you how great I am with other dogs?

Aug 2016, Matt writes: I just wanted to touch bases with you about my amazing dog Artie. I adopted him from your orginazation in December of 2006. Artie gave me the best years of my life. We spend tons of time in the wilderness, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Artie even used to come to work with me on a regular basis. I do believe that Artie's favorite activity was fishing. He would just sit and watch and wait for somone to reel one in. A close second for Artie was looking for mice, squirrels, skunks, ect. He would spend hours sniffing here and there and trying to dig out the animals from their tunnels. Artie, unexpectedly and sadly passed away this week after getting into a lake that had a blue-green algae bloom happening. He was my best friend and provided an immeasurable amont of joy in my life. I want to thank your orginazation for doing what you do. I had an amazing 10 years with my beloved Arthur (Artie). Please visit Artie at The Bridge.

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