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About a week after Pete came into rescue, Penny got another call about another V in a second Boise area shelter. As luck would have it we had also received an application to adopt a rescue V from Doug who also lived near Boise ID. Penny called Doug and arranged to meet him at the shelter to assess the female. This girl was very friendly and typical V except she but had way too much access to a food dish and weighed 70+ pounds (I named her Babe after the movie famous pig). Doug decided to adopt her and later gave her a new name, Amber, to go with her shrinking waist line.

New photo - July 2002: Not long after adopting Amber, Doug also adopted Buddy from OR-WA rescue. Buddy is a vizsla/brittany mix about the same age as Amber and together they make quite a team!

Summer 2005: Doug lost Buddy all too soon in the summer of 2005. Buddy was always a feisty little guy and not an easy dog to live with so perhaps that's why the emptiness was so noticable when he was gone. Not wanting Amber to be alone while he was working Doug adopted Kade from an owner who could no longer keep him.

Aug 2011: We received word that Amber passed away in July of this year. She was one very lucky girl to be able to spend these wonderful years with Doug and Buddy & Kade.

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