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Allie was born 12/15/05, AKC pedigree, tail docked, dews off. She was given up due to family issues. She was in a home with 5 young children living in an apartment. There was not enough time for her, she was not getting proper exercise, and she was too rambunctious for the toddlers. She is house trained and crate trained. She loves car rides and any person she has ever met. Allie needs more obedience skills, leash training, and she will jump up. Allie is a puppy, with all that entails: chewing, boundless energy, lack of coordination, and playtime 24/7.

Her parents are not yet listed but her grandparents are: Buck Shot Leamaster, Shasta Vegas Moon, Trigger, Biskit.

The perfect home was waiting for Allie and she was adopted with record speed via text message saying "Allie--YES!!!" Joe & Shelley in WA had lost their V mix girl Hannah, who was 15, and were finally ready to add a new dog to their home. Allie made the trek to Boise to spend a few hours with Aunt Penny until her new mom & dad arrived to take her home. Have as much fun with her as she will with you playing in the dog parks and finding out all about water and being a beach girl!

Jul 15, 2008, Shelley writes: This is the two year anniversary of Allie Adoption Day!! We started the day out with some booster shots at the vet for her. They said she is among the top 5 cute dogs! We then had lunch at an outdoor café with Allie. From there we drove down to the big off leash park for a quick run, and then to the off leash beach. She had a BLAST! She swam a little bit, but the deeper water is so cold, she stayed in the shallower water. On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen where they gave her a "puppy cup" of soft serve! We also bought her a squeaky toy, which she proceeded to squeak all the way home.

Dec 2011: Shelley reports Allie is doing well despite some health issues including removal of a malignant tumor in November this year. We love her to pieces and were devastated when we found her lump. She amazes us daily with how well she overcomes issues like that. The day after her surgery, you would never have known anything had happened to her. Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!!

Jul 15, 2016: Today is Allie Day! We adopted her 10 years ago today! (new pictures added)

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