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Original story: Alex is an 8-9yr old purebred male. He will be on the small side when he loses a few pounds and we haven't seen very many vizslas with as nice a temperament as Alex has! He is reportedly good with dogs of all sizes, cats, pet birds and kids. He likes car rides, will wade in water but doesn't swim, housebroken and crate trained if necessary. He is terribly gun shy so not appropriate for a hunting home but would make an excellent hiking buddy as he comes to call and is very people oriented. He has wonderful house manners and will happily sleep on a dog bed... or yours.

September 2007: Alex caught a ride with a friend to Snoqualmie where he met his new mom. Lisa reports Alex is fitting in well, doing great with the neighborhood kids and is perfect addition to their family.

Dec 2007: Alex is fabulous. He listens very well and responds to commands immediately. He follows me around the house all day and will take a ride in the car any time of the day. He gets a lot of exercise just trying to figure out what I am doing. It is really funny when I am cleaning the house because I leave the room only for a few seconds but he has to follow me. He loves the kids though and they LOVE him. They each have picked a time to feed him and it doesnt take more than a reminder of what time it is for them to hop up and treat Alex with a bowl of food. My son has put much energy into getting Alex to even pay him any attention. He will sit and pet him wherever Alex is resting. Alex knows now where he can get his fix for petting. I believe that he has lost most of the weight but I havent weighed him. His favorite time of the day is to walk to school to drop or pick up the kids. We couldnt have asked for a better dog. I hope that we are worthy of him.

Mar 2010: Alex passed away in March due to complications of a tumor that grew too large to operate on. Be happy, sweet Alex. We miss your big ol' paws and sweet disposition. Visit Alex at the Rainbow Bridge page.

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