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Original story: Adin & Paxton are two very sweet boys who came into rescue after being left outside a rural shelter in a kennel run in the middle of the night. They could be littermates but they also could share a sire. Both boys are about 8 to 10 months old. Adin is small at 31 lbs and Paxton is 40 lbs. Both have proper tail docks and dews removed. We are just getting to know them but so far they get along with the other 4 dogs in the house, like to be cuddled and petted, and ride well in the car. They are not total fans of crates but after a few minutes of whines and barks they will settle down. Both boys are shy at first and don't seem to know all about coming and going into a house. They have found the dog beds and will cuddle up together on one. We would consider placing them together with a person who has the energy and experience to train two young dogs and get them up to speed on social skills. We also recognize that that may not be possible so a great forever home is the first priority. We do not know if they are housetrained yet but have not marked in the house yet. They are unknown as hunters or with children or cats.

Sep 2009, Ron writes: Adin is doing great. We just got back from walking the boys to the bus stop. The first night all the kids were so excited, we all had a campout, letting them sleep together with Adin on the floor of our room. We set up a bean bag for him, but he has made his way to our bed pretty quickly. luckily its a big king-size one. He loves running, so it's good hell get me back in shape, but he also rests so heavily and peacefully. Hes just now falling asleep next to my chair here as I type on my laptop. All in all, it looks like hes really adjusting and enjoying his new home and pack-family.

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