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Addie was owner released to the Murray animal shelter in August after the death of one of her owners. The woman who turned her in told us that she was good with their grandchildren, loves other dogs, unknown with cats, and is high energy. They were told when they got her she was a vizsla/lab mix. At just 1-yr old, Addie is a petite girl with a short slick V coat, saddle down the back, long natural tail and dew claws on. She is house trained, a furniture pro and chews mostly on appropriate doggie toys and bones. She is a counter-cruiser, a bit of a barker when she plays and needs obedience work but does calm down well in the house.

In September Addie caught a ride to Salt Lake with Penny & Frank on their way to the Vizsla rescue picnic and the next day hopped on the bus with Daryl for a ride to meet Laura in St. George. Laura had lost Abby (about 11-yrs old) in April and by September was ready to adopt again. After having lost two older dogs in just a few years Laura was interested in a bit younger dog as companion to her and 6-yr old Bu. Little Addie was a *bit* younger than what Laura envisioned but she was every bit as sweet and maybe even sassier than Miss Abby. After weighing the pros and cons Laura decided that she and Bu were up to the challenge and adopted Little Miss Addie. After just a matter of weeks, Laura reports that Addie & Bu are already becoming rough and tumble buddies.

July 2011: Sadly, Addie again lost her owner when Laura passed away in the spring of this year after 9 happy years together. One of Laura's wishes for Addie was that she be able to live in "the north". Laura was always apologetic for the heat in Vegas but we don't think the vizslas mind it as much as their humans do. We are however happy to have Addie back with us in Idaho and she does love to roll in the cool grass! She's a little overweight but we're working on getting her figure back while keeping the love going the way Laura did.

Sept 2011: Thanks to money left by her previous owner and the generous help of the Vizsla Rescue Fund, Addie had a complete dental, senior blood work and some eyelid and benign fatty tumors removed. She is crate trained, loves to sleep on the bed, go to the dog park and chase squirrels in the yard. She's not actively looking for a home but if you are looking to give an older but still active dog a retirement home please contact Penny at 208.859.5698. Thanks to Kita Morris of NV V Rescue for helping Addie through her sad loss and getting her back to Idaho.

Jan 2012: Addie, Zoe and Eddy got a new brother last summer when Bodie moved in permanently.

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