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Skyehi's Real Deal aka Ace was born 3/11/2005. He is golden rust in color, quite blond actually, dews off, tail docked. He will be 55-60 lbs filled out, 24 inches tall. Ace was given to rescue as he shows no interest in hunting. He is not gun shy but shows no nose for birds even with his pedigree sire being FC AFC Dry Creek Pappomatic and dam Copper Creek Lexi.

Ace lived outside in a kennel and is not fully housetrained, but is doing well. He has already decided that couches and cuddling with humans who give belly rubs is great. He gets along great with my male dogs and even plays with the puppies in residence. He has a very soft personality so needs a home where only voice commands are given. He is not a big barker or digger. He had his first bath at our house and did fine, did not love it, but was compliant. Ace will need obedience classes and a home where he can gain confidence as he learns about houses and gets socialized to all types of events. Ace seems to love to carry around shoes, slippers, and socks. He has not yet destroyed them but they get a good sliming. He likes to chase tennis balls and anything will work as a toy -- sticks, towels, grass etc. He has been around children as young as 10 mos old and his buddy was a 10 yo boy. We do not know how he would be with cats. Ace settles down well in the house and is just a charming dog all in all -- a true velcro V with a wonderful soft personality.

Update Jun 2006: Denise & David had been on the AZ waiting list for some time after their previous V passed. When I sent Ace's bio to Trisha she immediately sent it to David and within an hour they had sent me emails, called on the phone, and wanted to adopt Ace. Ace got a ride to Vegas with Daryl & Ken to meet Denise & David. It was love at first sight and we are sure Ace is going to be a spoiled. He has settled in well and became a pro at the doggie door in no time. Ace IS "the man" now in AZ and will spend a long and happy life living inside as a family companion.

Dec 2009: New photo of Ace lounging under the Christmas tree.

Dec 2012: Ace is still lounging under the Christmas tree.

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