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Abe was born 2/18/98 to AKC parents (sire: Rowdy Flowers; dam: Indian Creek Holly Hunter). He is an energetic big boy at 70-lbs, 26" tall, tail docked, dews removed. Abe was owner released for being too friendly with the neighbors. He was raised on an acreage and now that they are developing subdivisions around him he's getting in trouble with the neighbors who don't appreciate his daily visits. He is good off lead, ranges out pretty far but comes back to a whistle -- well unless he is on a scent and not ready. He is good with everything from cats to kids to dogs to horses. Abe is reported to be gun shy and is very afraid of fireworks. He's learning house manners and being crate trained while in foster care. He does know sit, stay, come and shake. Abe sleeps next to the bed on a dog pillow but would love to kick you out of bed and take it over if you are game! We are looking to place Abe in a home with land where he can run. He loves to be in the fields following people, chasing critters, but he is also very calm in the house. He has gotten out of a kennel run so needs to be left in the house crated while someone is not home and not left in the yard.

Sep 2003 update: The Young family has fallen in love with Abe as dad promised. Craig had previously had Vizsla and when the family was looking to add a dog he said there is only one breed. Lucky for Abe, Kerry was a good searcher on the internet and found our site. The whole family came to meet Abe and shortly after called to tell me they would love to adopt him. Abe and I went to visit them a few days later and he stayed. Abe had fun in their yard and even joined the kids for a jump on the trampoline. Craig of course wasted no time getting Abe into the fields for a good romp and he is very impressed with his skills and good manners. Way to suck up Abe!

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