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Abby was turned into rescue on Christmas day 2002 and is estimated to be 5-6 yo. The folks who released her to rescue got her out of a shelter in So. UT about 2 years ago and the vet said then she was 2-3 yo. Abby is a very sweet dog. She appears to love all humans but is submissive to them in posture when approaching them. She would rather be in your lap than in the yard playing with the other dogs. She has typical small black growths on her eyelids but none appear to need intervention at this point. She had entropian eyes that were fixed. She has large calluses on her knees and feet as she has been kept as a kennel dog out on concrete. The family who gave her up had 4 children so she is good with kids and is in a foster home with 4 kids. She is learning all about house manners and is being crate trained for when the family needs to leave. She had a bit of a limp when she first arrived in foster care but she seems to be fine now and the vet found no problems so we assume it was due to her previous kennel life. Apparently life as a house dog is more to her liking. She is not going to be a hunting dog as she is gun shy. She does come well to her name.

Update Feb 2003: Abby's new family reports that she is a total love. She settled in without a hitch even after a plane ride and long car ride home. She even took a nap on the futon laying on her back so she must feel right at home. Abby was outside playing with the kids at this writing. The kids are giving her nonstop attention and she has not shown any sign of turning down all the love yet! Thanks for be willing to take on an older dog like Abby. You will make her life all she ever hoped it could be and she will return your love in triple doses.

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