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Abby was a stray at the Idaho Humane Society and when her 5 day waiting period was up no one considered her adoptable as she was nearly 9 years old, had bad hips and several ulcerated skin growths on her tummy. Penny bailed her out of the shelter on May 22, 2000 and found her to be the happiest, sweetest Vizsla she had met since Cadbury. She was house friendly and clearly knew her way around the kitchen but it appeared that her recent years may have been spent in a backyard kennel run as her elbows were rough and the muscles in her hips had atrophied. She was afraid of the crate and spent the first few days going to the vet's office for daycare while Penny & Frank regrouped and tried to figure out ways to keep Mocha, the 9-mo old GSP/Vizsla mix from terrorizing the family cat and constantly body slamming poor, lame Abby. After surgery to remove the lumps, x-ray her hips and clean her teeth in addition to a few weeks on a good diet and pain medication for arthritis she was ready for a new home where she could live out her senior years in comfort. Laura, having recently lost her 9-yr old GSP, was looking for a companion for her 4-yr old Vizsla boy. Abby was found to be friendly with every living thing she came in contact with and Laura and Bu seemed a good fit for her. On June 30 Penny & Frank drove Abby to meet Rebecca in Burley ID, who in turn drove her on July 1 to meet Laura in Cedar City, UT where she embarked on the final leg of her journey to her new home in Las Vegas.

Update Spring 02: Abby journeyed to The Bridge in April after spending nearly two wonderful years with Laura and Bu. Her time with them was far too short but oh so happy. Thank you Laura for giving her the best two years of her life.

Update Sep 02: In September Laura & Bu adopted Addie.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Abby with her new family.

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