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Original story, Feb 2012: Syndra is an approximate 8 mo old female who came from a rural shelter. She is about 35 lbs, tail docked, dews off, golden rust honey in color. She is not yet housetrained but is learning. She loves to play with other dogs and can romp hard with the boys. She has a very cute little face and can snuggle with the best of them. She stayed with the Dowdell troop for a short time and then went to play with Zoe & Bode who showed her how to do agility jumps, wrestle, chase a ball, and pile in laps of people on couches.

Mar 2012: Some adoptions just develop a theme so see what you think. "Her Majesty" decided she needed a new name because" no one could really say her old one so she asked if we could "Come Together" on "Something" for her. So once her new family said "I Want You", she got chauffer service to CA to her new home. She spent time meeting her family and getting to know the place and then drifted off into "Golden Slumbers" on the couch. Her family declared "Oh! Darling" you can stay. Thus we come to "The End" for a little dog named Abbey Road.

Mar 18, 2012 Maureen writes: The princess aka Abbey seems to have made the transition from Utah to Calif. really well. She has certainly transitioned herself into our hearts. She is very affectionate and the three of us have created quite a bond. The literature that you sent was very helpful. She is a "velcro" dog but that is fine with us. I found a trainer that I like. She talked about many of the same points that you did. We start obedience training next week. Our goal is that she respond to "Abbey" by the time classes start. Between family and neighborhood dogs, she is getting dog time as well as people time. Thank you so much for trusting us with her! Already, we can't imagine our lives without her!

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