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What is The Rainbow Bridge?

Adopted February 2011 to December 21, 2019
Debi writes: We lost our precious Jack yesterday. It started a couple months ago with having diarrhea in the night and not eating much. Had him to several vets, including WSU. They couldn't find what was wrong. He was scheduled for an exploratory surgery Monday but he was so weak and frail we couldn't put him through anymore. When we got him 9 years ago in February, we were told he was approximately 18 months. We loved that darling boy so much and his sooooo many cute ways. He was the dog who won my husband over and it was hard to hear Ron sob while the Dr was here. We took him for cremation so he'll be with us forever. Now little Vada is all alone. We're all grieving this huge loss together. I pray Jack met up with sweet Phoebe and my other two, Janie and Hank. The best Hello and hardest goodbye... these creatures steal your heart. Ours are definitely hurting. (Click here for Jack's original story.)

Penny: 2005 to December 2019
Tyson: 2007 to December 2019
Juli writes: David and I have had a very sad 6 months or so. Both Penny and Tyson were diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery within a week early last November. We couldn't believe this timing. Penny's was a blood cancer that quickly overtook her liver, this after her spleen and a large tumor were removed. She died on December 10. Tyson's cancer was a form of melanoma that appeared as a tumor in his mouth. His case was also aggressive and he died on May 9. We did all we could for them. We are broken hearted. We told both Penny and Tyson while they were still with us that we just couldn't love them any more than we did. For now, we think we will take some time to recover and see what comes next. But we wanted you to know that they are gone now. They had the most wonderful lives. They traveled with us many times to Iowa and California, we hiked with them every day, and they brought us so much joy. There's nothing like the deep bond we make with our dogs. We hope all is well with you. With sadness but with warm regards, Juli and David.
UT-ID V Rescue writes: Oh my word that is some sad news. To have lost both so close together is just not fair. You know that we will be happy to find a dog for you so just let us know when you are ready. Thanks for letting us know and giving them a wonderful life of love. (Click Penny and Tyson for Penny & Tyson's original stories.)

2004 to November 2019
We were informed this month that Mandie had to let Stoutie go. Thank you Mandie for taking such good care of our little brown vizsla from New Mexico all these years. (Click here for Stout's original story.)

March 26, 2009 to November 2019
Rachel writes: I am writing with some very sad news. Hurley passed away a few weeks ago from a very aggressive form of cancer. The cancer set in fairly quickly and took us all by surprise. He was such a GREAT dog. We are still reeling a bit from our “new norm”…a life without Hurley. When he first came to us…right after my father and our Vizsla Henry passed away…we were broken. But he quickly filled the void in our hearts and made strong bonds with “old lady” Sadie and “new baby” Ruby and our pack of one happily grew to three. Sadie and Ruby adored him instantly. He was the leader of the pack. But Hurley was unlike any Vizsla we had ever known…at first. He wouldn’t get on the furniture, didn’t want to cuddle in bed, and was rather aloof when it came to Mark and I. Then slowly, after about a year, the “unusual” Vizsla turned it all around and he not only wanted all the love and the bed, but he found his voice. A loud and happy, “roo…roo…roo!”. It came when it was time to eat, when we came home from work at night, when we dropped him off at Adventure Camp, and as he waited to exit the car for one of his many adventure hikes in the woods near our home. As my mom so eloquently put it, “his roo, roo, roo will forever warm our hearts.” And that it will. What a beloved friend, companion, and leader of our pack. Our hearts are broken, most especially Ruby’s. We are grateful for the six years and all the joy that Hurley brought to our house and our lives. He will be remembered forever in our hearts and minds.
I suppose it means we are open if another great rescue comes our way. Ruby might take a unique set of characteristics (she is a bit tricky), but when the right V comes along please keep us in mind. I can’t think of a better way to honor those who have come before (Cooder, Peaches, Charlie, Sadie, and now Hurley) than to once again open our home and our hearts. (Click here for Hurley's original story.)

Adopted 2014 to October 9, 2019
Dear Rebecca, It is with great sadness that I write to you. My Watson died yesterday. I took him to the Vet last Monday for some bumps on his back that were not going away. Cytology showed them to be an inflammatory response, not cancer. Vet suggested a dermatologist. I went Wednesday to another Vet for a second opinion. And with another concern that Watson didn't eat his breakfast that morning and had a little diarrhea. Thursday he seemed to be getting sicker, no interest in food and sleeping, not his bouncy self. So Friday back to the Vet. With blood test that showed increased in liver enzymes sent him to the ER. With an extensive work up he had a very aggressive liver cancer. It was a very painful choice but I had Watson euthanized yesterday afternoon. He was very sick. He had many hurdles to get over in hopes for a remission and then a life of doctors and chemo with no predictability of how life would be for him. I knew what he loved and it would not be a quality of life for him.
My loss is unbelievable right now. I'm in shock but thanks to you I did have a wonderful time with him for 5 years. He was the sweetest, loved by all. I miss him so much. I will be looking for a new rescue to love in the short future. Keep me in mind.

Adopted October 2016 to October 12, 2019
Debi writes: Wanted to let you know we will be saying Goodbye to our beloved Phoebe in the morning. My heart is broken but I can't let her continue like she is. Two years wasn't long enough with this darlin girl. I'll keep her ashes with me forever. Wanted to send these pictures of our sweet Pheobe. In her own doghouse (only outside when the weather was nice of course), and the day she got her very own cave bed! She LOVED it! What a precious soul she was. She'll live in our hearts forever! Thank you for all you do! (Click here for Phoebe's original story.)

Adopted 2012 to September 30, 2019
Catherine writes: Early this morning Max crossed the rainbow bridge after suffering a gastric torsion. Run like the wind, Bud. We miss you already. We were especially sad to hear that not long after Max passed, his best girl Jenny joined Max over the rainbow bridge. They are together now. (See Max's original story here) (Click here for Max's original story.)

January 5, 2006 to September 28, 2019
Susan writes: On Saturday September 28, 2019 our sweet Fia went over the rainbow. I called her my miracle girl, since she was only given 6 to nine months to live due to the type of cancer she had. She made it for another 6 years!!! I adopted her when she was almost 8 years and she lived until almost 15 years. Here are a few photos of her with Bridger and my cavalier Zoey. Whenever I stacked the dog beds up, so that I could vacuum, she loved to lay on top. The picture of her in her pajamas in front of the fireplace was taken last Christmas. She had a wonderful life with us and will be greatly missed. She was the sweetest thing. I never could understand why her previous owners gave her up but I am glad that they did. I will be making a donation to the Vizsla rescue in her name. (Click here for Fia's original story.)

August 8, 2013 to July 31, 2019
Jill writes: Today we are saying goodbye to our sweet little old lady, Biscuit. Saying goodbye is never easy, but i'm so thankful she was in my life to begin with. Biscuit was the first dog I had as an adult. She taught me patience, how to clean diarrhea and vomit from every surface in a home, patience again and to enjoy the time I had with her. Adopting her at the spry age of 12, we knew we wouldn't have her for very long, so it was important to appreciate whatever time we did have. Almost 4 years later our time together is over. She's been a really good girl. I will keep many memories of our weird little Biscuit. (Click here for Biscuit's original story.)

2008 to July 29, 2019
Kathleen writes: I hope you remember us. We are Mark and Kathleen from Seattle. We adopted this beautiful girl back in 08. I wanted to let you know that she gave us 11 glorious years and went to rest yesterday after having multiple complications with congestive heart failure. We still have our GSP Fred, whom we adopted 6 months later in 09. He is now solo and adjusting just fine. He likes being the "top dog"! The reason I reached out to you is to let you know how grateful I am to your organization and to you for placing us with so much joy in our lives. As I sit here, I am fighting the tears with grief for my girl. It was a very important relationship in my life and I will forever be grateful. With love, Kathleen & Mark (Click here for Cricket's original story.)

December 2004 to July 24, 2019
Laurie & Dave write: Attached is the sad part of his story, but by no means the story of his life. We let our precious Brody go because of his inability to get up and around due to some brain to back legs disconnection that has been progressing for the last couple years and his very recent unhappy condition (pain?) with it. He was also recently suffering from panic attacks during the night and in the last few weeks was not able to rest comfortably and recover during the day despite several experiments with calming medications (one that almost killed him one night). His recent swollen lymph nodes indicated more potential issues. Despite all of this, his strength and will to live and be with us every minute was amazing. His severe separation anxiety (that he never got over) scored him and us non-stop togetherness since the day he arrived after several lessons over the years the hard way that there was to be no separation from one or the other of us, ever! He lived most all of his 14.5 years enjoying life running, playing and sleeping with his family, both human and furred. His physical strength and toughness were complemented by his extremely sweet, gentle, loving temperament.
While there is some relief not watching him struggle to get up and walk or relieve himself there is the overwhelming grief of his absence. It is also severely painful to see Stella look for him to return. We know from all our previous losses that time helps somewhat, but what gets us by is knowing that those who are still with us need extra doting. (Click here for Brody's original story.)

Adopted June 2009 to July 2019
Debbie & Jason write: We adopted Boomer from you in 2009 at 3 yrs old. He passed this last July at 14. Thank you Jason & Debbie for letting us know and we are so grateful to know he lived a full and wonderful life. (Click here for Boomer's original story.)

March 28, 2012 to June 1, 2019
Pepper's time with Tori & Tricia was far too short. Shortly after arriving she stopped eating and a visit to the vet revealed an aggressive cancer. She hid it well as she was in foster care for many weeks and we saw no signs. Once in a while she would not eat for a day but then she would be her normal happy loving self. Thank you Tricia & Tori for doing the right thing and helping her over the Bridge when it was time. Sometimes that is the kindest most loving thing we can do for those we love whether they are in our heart for one week or 15 years. (Click here for Pepper's original story.)

January 2008 to June 2019
In May Milo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Mark & Susan opted to amputate to buy some more time with Milo who was just 11 years old. In the end this very ugly disease won out but not before many happy years with his family. Thank you Mark & Susan for giving Milo a wonderful life. (Click here for Milo's original story.)

December 2014 to March 11 2019
John writes: Allison just came in to let me know that she had to put Porter down this morning. Old age and he couldn't use his hind legs any longer. We spent a few minutes sharing some tears and laughs regarding the day that Porter and Allison met each other. Thank you so much for connecting Porter with us all. (Click here for Porter's original story.)

Adopted August 2011 to February 11 2019
Ari writes: Hi Penny. Just wanted to let you know we lost our Happy today. He got really sick over the last few days. The vet thinks it was his heart. His arthritis was getting really bad tho too. He was just shy of his 15th birthday. It seems like just yesterday my mom and I were meeting him at your house. I knew immediately we would be the best of friends and we were! He had one last great weekend at grandpa’s with lots of loves and treats. Thank you for helping bring him into our lives! (Click here for Happy's original story.)

Adopted August 2011 to January 2019
Mike writes: Pretzel passed away two weeks ago. Osteosarcoma. Man, that is tough on everybody. He was a great dog, headstrong, lots of mischief and part of the family. He will be missed greatly. Pretzel was the best. He once pulled out the lower freezer drawer and used it as a step to open the refrigerator and crawl inside to sample yogurt. We were impressed! (Click here for Pretzel's original story.)

Adopted June 2013 to December 21, 2018
We received the sad news that Bryan & Roger had to put Axel to sleep today. He went to vet for what was thought to be a perforated bowel and they found a large cancer mass during surgery. Since he hadn’t been eating well or feeling well they decided to let him go. They lost Frankie to severe seizures prior to adopting Axel and Axel was only 5 years old. Little Kiehei is still with them but undoubtedly missing her buddy as are they. Thank you Bryan & Roger for opening your home and hearts to these vizsla. We especially remember the photo of Axel riding atop the big green tractor! (Click here for Axel's original story.)

August 21, 2005 to December 7, 2018 (adopted 5/2011)
Diane writes: Sad news, Jessy passed over the rainbow brigde last nite. Her little body was just giving out on her and we felt it was best to just let her go. Both Rich and I were with her, she will be greatly missed. She was on pain meds for her arthritis and this last month she had become more disoriented. We loved Jessy with all of our heart and certainly didn’t want her to suffer. It’s so quiet without bossy little Jessy, I can hardly stand it. (Click here for Jessy's original story.)

August 2006 to November 2018
Dahlia had a good long run and a dog couldn't ask for a better life than daily walks with her peeps, snuggling at home and a few table scraps with every meal (not so much, Jim!). Hard to tell who loved who more, Dahlia or her people, but she will not soon be forgotten. (Click here for Dahlia's original story.)

Adopted November 2016 to October 10 2018
Mike writes: It was a good two years for Emmett Cache! He passed away today in front of a warm fire. A beautiful being. I need some time but if you are out there maybe we can try this again. (Click here for Emmett's original story.)

Adopted May, 2005; b.2003 to October 2018
Hi Penny, this is Nina with NAC that used to be so many years ago. I don't know if you remember the vizsla I took to Califonia to be adopted by my friends Mark & Sharon. They called him George. Well he passed in October. We think he was 14 or 15. He had a wonderful full life running on the beach and in the hills. They had a celebration of life for him and all his dog friends came and played and had treats. He will be missed. Thank you for sharing him with my friends. Please accept this donation in his memory. Nina (Click here for Geroge's original story.)

July 1, 2007 to October 2018 (adopted 7/2015)

(Click here for Copper's original story.)

August 25, 2003 to September 28, 2018
Thatcher (aka Frosty, aka Bad Ass) crossed over this morning. He came into rescue with his brothers and sisters in 2003. The Kansas 7 were V x lab mix puppies that we took into our program from the CO/KS rescue group. He got his original name because he was adopted in December and he wore a Frosty the Snowman collar. He was adopted to AZ but came back to our house in 2007 when the family decided they could not manage a dog with two small children. Thatcher did not like all dogs, or children in general, so he could be a challenge with new foster dogs but eventually all settled in and got along if the fosters took his “snarks” as a warning to not mess with Bad Ass. He became fast friends with Waylynn in 2010. Way would not accept him being grumpy and the two were soon buddies. We will miss Thatcher throwing himself into snow with his head down and butt up and snowplowing around the yard. We will miss his silly smiling face and gallop romp when he and Way played. Rest well our crazy sugar face boy. (Click here for Thatcher's original story.)

December 28, 2010 to August 2, 2018
Mia was owner surrendered to rescue due to a cross country move. She was a very large vizsla at 70-lbs and came to us with a lot of baggage, including extreme reactivity to vets and strangers. She was also a resource guarder. Our foster home worked with her for several months but, after bites to both the resident vizsla and her humans, we decided it was best to let her go. We do not take euthanasia lightly and this was very traumatic for all. Perhaps Mia decided it was too hard to live in a world where life was just too confusing. She told our communicator she protected things that were dear to her because she had lost so many things/friends. In a perfect world there would be a home for every vizsla and someone able to work with dogs like Mia but this world is not perfect. Run fast sweet Mia, be happy... and remember your wonderful rock solid recall in your next vizsla life!

July 1, 2009 to July 2018
KrisTina writes: Thank you for our lovely gift of Bodie. He has had some health issues this last week and on our vet visit. We chose to let him go. He was in pain and had stopped eating. Basically asking to go. We love him and will miss him. (Click here for Bodie's original story.)

Adopted November 2008 to July 2018
Janet writes: Thanks for helping me find a petsitter for Artie for our vacation in June. Sadly, two days after we picked him up he suddenly passed away from a hemangiosarcoma. He was probably around 12 years old and otherwise healthy. I am writing you because in a month or so we will be interested in adopting another rescue. We are semi retired now so will have more time to work with a dog that might need some training. We are still hooked on Vizsla dogs! (Click here for Arty's original story.)

Adopted September 2009 to July 6, 2018
Wayne writes: We adopted two dogs from your organization thru our daughter Laurie - a small, mixed breed named Randy back in Oct 2007... and Tess, a Vizsla, in Nov of 2009. Both have been great dogs for us which we have loved dearly. We continue to enjoy Randy. However, today, Friday 7/6, we had to say goodbye to our Tess. You may remember that Tess developed severe cataracts in both eyes a few years ago and your organization was willing to pay for cataract surgery for one of her eyes - God bless you for that. But a professional eye surgeon examined her and determined that she had permanent Retinal damage and disease in both eyes which would make cataract surgery unsuccessful. So, over the last 4 or 5 years, Tess was pretty much totally blind. We had Tess for almost 9 years and with her estimated date of birth of approx. June 2005, we figure she lived to be 13 years old. She was a very gentle soul - always pleasant - no meanness - no bad habits. We will miss her greatly!! Attached are some photos we took of her today, before we said goodbye. Sincere thanks for what your organization does, and for the two wonderful companions and souls you sent to Marilyn and I. (Click here for Tess's original story.)

November 2004 to June 2018
We received word from Bill & Chris that Gus passed away at the grand ages of 14 years. (Click here for Gus's original story.)

Adopted 2004, returned to foster at 10-yrs to June 2018
Yeager left us in June 2018 when she could not longer walk. She was adopted as a young about a year old and returned to us when she was 10. She was happy to join the Dowdell herd and got along with all the foster dogs. She made us laugh at her antics and cry when she shed - that lab part was tough on the vacuum. Yeager would have been 15 in August and leaves behind Waylynn, Ryker, and Thatcher. (Click here for Yeager's original story.)

September 30, 2003 to May 2018
Carol writes: Hello Rebecca and Daryl, Sydney passed away last week after a full and wonderful life. She will be truly missed. (Click here for Sydney's original story.)

Adopted November 8, 2005 to April 1, 2018
Hi Rebecca and Penny, It is with a broken heart that I have to tell you that Grissom crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 15 minutes ago. He took a sudden turn for the worse at 2AM when his breathing became shallow and laborious, indicating that he had aspiration pneumonia again... after just 3 weeks. These occurrences were getting more frequent and he was increasingly less responsive to antibiotics, taking much longer to recover, and in the interim, he would lose weight and condition, so it would be one step forward, two steps back. His insulinoma was being handled by prednisone but the mega-esophagus caused aspiration pneumonia was impossible to prevent. I knew it was time today. Our vet came to the house to put him to sleep and both Michael and I were stroking him and talking to him as he slipped away. We loved this goofy boy with all our hearts and are so glad that we could bring him with us to the UK where he could experience the real countryside and seaside with all its smells, wildlife and adventures. Thank you both for trusting us with him!? Photo attached is one of the last I took of him. With love, Inge and Michael (Click here for Grissom's original story.)

Adopted February 2009 to March 2018
Carrie writes: Hi Rita and Penny, I'm writing the email I have always dreaded but feel you should know because you were a big part of Baileys life. We said goodbye to him last week. It was traumatic for us but hopefully as peaceful for him as possible even though I know he was confused. A vet friend of mine came to our house and we were able to help him before he was in any distress. He had cancer in his blood vessels and after his tumor was removed he lived 7 very happy months which was 6 months longer than his diagnosis. He really didn't show any signs of his cancer until the very end and was able to keep up his 2 walks a day, daily car trips, barn trips and anywhere else he wanted to go. We also had fun discontinuing his dog food and moving to steak, bacon, hamburger, yogurt and anything else he wanted. Time goes by way too fast. He was the most loyal animal I have ever had in my life. I miss him more than I can say. My husband who works from home has lost his partner, walking buddy and companion. He was so huge in our world. Thank you both.......Penny for giving him to us and Rita for helping us understand how to communicate with him and help us transition to this urban life. What a special boy he was. (Click here for Bailey's original story.)

Adopted January 2012 to February 27, 2018
Karen writes: Millie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
After she was surrendered to us (Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue) she hopped into the back of my car for the ride to our house. When we arrived I opened the back and tried to get her to come with me, no dice. No problem, give her time, she'll get it. Nope, didn't happen. So I grabbed a book, climbed into the backseat of my car and, ignoring Millie, read out loud and occasionally slipped a bit of hot dog through the barrier to her. Later, my husband took his turn in the back seat. We tried a few times to coax Millie out of the car but no go. The dark of night came on and Millie was still in the back of the car. With some trepidation we left her in there with a bowl of food and some water and went to bed. By this time Millie had been in the back of my car since 11:30 that morning.The next morning she still would not come out of the car so I was able to get a couple of long lines on her and we opened the back hatch of the car and just waited her out. Eventually Millie got brave enough to take a hop out of the car, of course I was sitting behind another vehicle where she could not see me. She did jump back into the car when she saw me but I was able to get her out and into the house at 11:30 that morning, a full 24 hours later. She had a rough start, afraid of everything, especially men, but eventually settled into a routine that worked for her.At least she knew she was safe and loved with us right up to her last breath.She will be missed! (Click here for Millie's original story.)

September 29, 2004 to December 2006 to December 2017 (adopted 12/2006)
Rebecca and Daryl, I had to put Taz down last week. She was such a special member of my life. Since she was such an important companion in my heart, I would like to replace her. I know that I will never find one as great as Taz, but each dog has special contributions to make and eventually over time becomes a favorite member of the family and take her place. Dean (Click here for Taz's original story.)

Adopted May 2011 to November 28, 2017
Brian writes: It's hard to type this as we had to put Vivian down this afternoon, after a short 3 week battle with with bone cancer, her white blood cells were four times what they should have been, but all her other stats looked good for her age. We have really enjoyed our time with her over the last six and a half years. Thank you for allowing me to transport her from Moab and I'm sorry she didn't make it to Boise. When the time comes, we will certainly look into another Vizsla. (Click here for Vivian's original story.)

Adopted June 2007 to November 6, 2017
Hi, Was notified tonight - Red - one of the last Vizsla rescues I helped with passed today. Her heart while so big was not able to keep up with her. Red, adopted by Robena and Tim was loved by everyone she met. She will be missed.If you ever get a lab/Vizsla cross or female V let me know - I will hook you up with Robena. They would love another. (Click here for Red's original story.)

Adopted March 2004 to October 25, 2017
(Click here for Fritz's original story.)

Adopted March 2014 to September 18, 2017
We had to say goodbye to my best buddy Walker a few days ago. Of course my heart breaks. He had Hermangiosarcoma a year-and-a-half ago we did surgery and removed his spleen and we were fortunate to have him a year-and-a-half longer. Miss you terribly precious boy... love u forever. Walk on and keep howling beautiful boy! (Click here for Walker's story.)

Adopted June 2004 to August 20, 2017
Kate writes: I wanted to let you know that Coltrane died on Friday night at the grand age of 14 1/2. I can't thank you enough for having brought him up from NM all those years ago. He truly was a special one of a kind dog and we were blessed to have had him in our lives. We have so many fond memories and favorite stories, but for now, the house is too quiet and the bed too empty at night.Thank you again and one day, we hope to find a new love of our lives through you. Best wishes, Kate (Click here for Jacob's story.)

AdoptedOctober 2004 to June 2017
Ranger went ahead to wait for us in June. Even now, as I share this with you tears of grief and gratitude still come to me. Some beings touch us; some show us what "better" looks like; some change our lives. Ranger transformed ours. His love and lust for treats knew no bounds. We thank you for your work and for the miracle that you brought into our lives. With deepest gratitude and wishes for all the best.Andrea & Marie (Click here for Ranger's story.)

Adopted October 2010 to May 2017
Hi Penny, As you saw in our FB post, we said goodbye to sweet Roma dog a couple of weeks ago Justin and I both are so grateful to you for taking her in and bringing us together. She was the best dog ever and we miss her so much. So thank you for all that you do and know how much joy she brought to our lives. Best, Heather and Justin (Click here for Roma's story.)

Adopted August 2009 to April 2017 (adopted 5/2011)
Ann writes, April 2018: I rescued a vizsla thru you in 2009. My guy died a year ago. I miss him so much!! I am once again looking for a vizsla. Do you have any suggestions? I live on the Oregon coast at the motel (pet friendly) I manage, the last 10 years. I do not have a fenced yard but the beach is my backyard. He or she would be with me at all times. Thank you.

SADIE (2005)
Adopted October 2010 to March 3, 2017
It is with heavy heart we let you know our beloved Sadie is no longer of this earth. She began losing all function and stopped eating so Mark & I released her from this world and into the next, hopefully to with Henry, my father, and all those she loved so dearly in her life. By far the BEST vizsla we have ever loved (though we love them all!). Sadie will be forever missed. Thankyou for giving us the many great years with her. She was the leader of our pack. Thankyou to Robin for his love and care for her the years before she came to live with us. Rachel, Mark, Ruby & Hurley (Click here for Sadie's story.)

Adopted July 2005 to February 2017
We want to let you all know that after ~12,000 walks, ~5,000 miles of running, and ~16,000 poop-bags we had to put Nicoya down this past week. Her cancer finally spread and prevented her from living with a decent quality of life anymore after 13 wonderful years. We want to let you know that we greatly appreciate all of the time, effort, and most importantly, love you have given all the Vizsla’s at the the Utah/Idaho Vizsla rescue. We will miss her dearly, but it was time to begin the next journey. Thanks again for everything! (Click here for Nicoya's original story.)

Adopted May 2014 to January 9, 2017
Claire passed on today but this girl was a trooper. She came into rescue with many mammary tumors and those were removed years ago. Her foster family decided Claire could stay with them forever. Rest in peace sweet Claire -- we will remember you forever. (Click here for Clara's original story.)

Adopted July 2009 to December 5, 2016
Judy & Kent write: Please accept this donation. We give it in the name of Tucker who was adopted by us from the UT-ID Vizsla Rescue in 2009. Tucker sadly passed away Dec 5, 2016 leaving a big hole in our hearts. He was a popular and happy soul. (Click here for Tucker's original story.)

Adopted May 2004 to December 14, 2016
The Calney family is much too quiet with the passing of Ms. Sophie. She was devoted to Kenny and ran the dog family so is missed by all humans and Fritz, Mini, and perhaps even Selena. My favorite memory of her is sitting atop Kenny and rocking to sleep in the "big chair". She was a bright girl who loved visitors, treats from the table and dish cleaning. She and Fritz patrolled the yard for birds and critters, leaping from rock to rock on the hill. We will miss you forever - Auntie Reb. (Click here for Sophie's original story.)

August 2003 to November 4, 2016
David writes: This morning at 3:45 Fiona suffered a grand mal seizure. I rushed to the emergency vet and we decided that the best thing for her was euthanasia. I am crying like a baby but I thought you should know and I really appreciate the time I had with her. She was the only the special needs pet I've ever had and that really just made her more adorable. (Click here for Fiona's original story.)

February 2000 to October 2016
Alison & Jed write: We thought you would to know that we had to let Casey move on to the big run in the sky after 16 years with us. thank you for letting us adopt such a great dog. We are sure she had a good time with us here in Vermont. We hope you have the same success with other dogs being adopted. (Click here for Casey's original story.)

September 3, 2016
Sadly, Roger passed while in foster care. He was likely in worse shape than we realized and had stopped eating near the end. We are grateful he chose us to share his final weeks with and could be surrounded by people who loved him. Farewell sweet Roger.
Aug 2016: Roger that! came to us as a shelter stray near Boise ID. He appears to have been well cared for at one time in his life and we cannot fathom why no one looked for him when he got lost now but, whatever the reason, he is in our care now. Roger is probably 10-12 yrs old, house broken, comfortable living in a house, rides well in the car and is good with other dogs, people and dog savvy cats. He is too thin but his appetite is good and he's gaining weight. There does not appear to be a medical reason for him being so thin and we expect him to fill out to 45-50 lbs. His blood work and teeth are both great for a dog his age. It's rare that we see a 10+ yr old dog who doesn't need a dental and he does not. He is almost completely deaf so will need a securely fenced yard or a long line at all times. Vizslas don't come any sweeter than Roger and we truly hope there is a home out there able to fill his remaining years with love and a warm bed. More photos here.

April 14, 2002 to August 25, 2016
Carol writes: As I sit here and try to find the words that I am feeling, I keep thinking back to the day we picked Wilson up from you. You said he takes a while to warm up to new people but we weren't 20 minutes into our drive home and Willy was inching his way over to me while I was driving, first he put his paws on my lap and before I knew it he was sitting up so close to me, that when I turned to look at him, we were nose to nose. I knew at that minute he was where he was suppose to be. I am sharing this with you as I prepare to go to the vets office to hold Wilson as he takes his last breath. His body is riddled with disease, IBD or mass-cell cancer or both. He's been being treated for IBD but had the cancer in the past and the vets feel that it has probably come back and is spreading. Either way, Wilson's quality of life is gone and I would only be continuing his life to ease my pain, not his. I was the one he wanted when we picked him up that day back in 2006 and I will be the one there when he takes his last breath and even though this is extremely hard on me, I have not one regret that he was a part of mine and Jim's life. Our other Vizsla Sammie also has cancer of the bladder and they said she has about 4-6 months left with us. Man can it get any harder. (Click here for Wilson's original story.)

Adopted 2006 to August 2016
Matt writes: I just wanted to touch bases with you about my amazing dog Artie. I adopted him from your orginazation in December of 2006. Artie gave me the best years of my life. We spend tons of time in the wilderness, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Artie even used to come to work with me on a regular basis. I do believe that Artie's favorite activity was fishing. He would just sit and watch and wait for somone to reel one in. A close second for Artie was looking for mice, squirrels, skunks, ect. He would spend hours sniffing here and there and trying to dig out the animals from their tunnels. Artie, unexpectedly and sadly passed away this week after getting into a lake that had a blue-green algae bloom happening. He was my best friend and provided an immeasurable amont of joy in my life. I want to thank your orginazation for doing what you do. I had an amazing 10 years with my beloved Arthur (Artie) (Click here for Artie's original story.)

January 17, 2002 to July 10, 2016
Snickers made the most of every day of her life but at 14-1/2 years she finally succumbed to what was likely lymphoma. Here's to a life well lived chasing scents and critters in the Montana mountains. Thanks Laurie & Dave for giving Snicks a great life and allowing her to beleive she was in charge of the whole show. She owned her world for sure. (Click here for Snicker's original story.)

Adopted 2004 to July 13, 2016
Cassi writes: I have some sad news. My sweet Sage passed away 2 nights ago on July 13th. I am truly and completely heartbroken. She has been part of my family for over 12 years. I have a huge hole in my heart that I'm afraid will never be filled. Sage was my first baby. We adopted her from you right after Clint and I got married. Thank you for bringing her to us and allowing us to take care of her. She passed from a seizure with us by her side. I am so grateful I could be with her until the end. I think she was almost 14 years old. My Dad gave me the sweetest note, I wanted to share it with you and the other rainbow bridge readers. His words gave me so much comfort. "I am so sorry, if it is any comfort I believe our beloved companions will be part of our eternal existence. She was a creation without judgement and will always be an expression of love. She will be missed". I've attached a picture. This was taken right after my son was born in the summer/fall of 2009. We were up on a hike behind the house. This is how I will remember her. So strong, beautiful, and young- and so so full of energy. (Click here for Sage's original story.)

2001 to May 25, 2016
Addie's time with us ended today. She was a trooper to the end but her legs finally would not carry her anymore. Her last months without Bodie were difficult but the weather was good and she spent a lot of time camping and fishing. She even made one last retrieve snagging a rib-eye steak off the table at camp and delivering it to Penny. She clearly wanted me to have it all to myself since no one else wanted it after she retrieved it... go Addie! We know Laura & Bu were happy to see you at The Bridge. (Click here for Addie's original story.)

2003 to April 14, 2016
Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that I lost precious Harry on the 14th. I came home one night and he couldn't get up. He showed signs of vestibular disease on the last day. He did so well until the end...walking short distances twice a day and enjoying all of the neighbors.(despite the pain pills for his back end and the megaesophagus) He went so peacefully with the help of a vet who came to the house. He was the sweetest boy. He will be missed. Heather (Click here for Harry's original story.)

2005 to April 2016
Hi Rebecca, Buddy earned his angel wings this week. He brought so much joy to our lives since he joined our family and we are missing him terribly. We particularly liked his Buddy Hugs (standing in between your legs), his love of closets (yes, I moved my shoes out and moved Buddy's bed in), Evil Knievel leaping maneuvers, excellent picnicking manners, his cute way of inserting himself under Mark's desk and most of all . . . his gentle way of receving love: He hated hands coming near his head but if you sat still he would gently lick your nose, nuzzle into your chest, climb into your lap and let you have the honor of giving him a hearty butt scratch. We loved every moment of his company and hope he is enjoying his new life at the Rainbow Bridge. I have attached some of our favorite Buddy pics. Sincerely, Kenzie (Click here for Buddy's original story.)

February 2001 to April 2016
Chantay writes: Loo adopted in 2001 recently decided it was time to meet up with her friends. A more loving dog has never existed. (Click here for Loo's original story.)

March 8, 2002 to March 30, 2016
Bodie left us this week. I can only hope he is back with Tracy, his first mom who loved him dearly and left this world herself when Bodie was only 4 yrs old. It's a long way from the Carolinas to Idaho and I'm grateful he found his way to me at a time we both needed each other. Dementia finally got the best of him but, even then, his energy and enthusiasm for life was nearly unstoppable. Few believed he was 14 yrs old despite his beautiful sugar coat. The only thing he might have loved more than agility was having breakfast in bed in the tiny camper we traveled in as often as possible. I hope he stopped at The Bridge for a sip of The Macallan with Frank on his way to find Tracy... better yet, they are all sipping together! (Click here for Bodie's original story.)

2002 to March 15, 2016
Kristy writes: It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write this e-mail. We had to put Charlie down on February 10. We did everything we could for him medically but he could not fight the fight any longer and he decided he needed to go be with his Vizsla brother, Bailey. He was diagnosed in August with Kidney Failure. Charlie Brown was an amazing dog and companion and he had an awesome life! He went to work with me often, he traveled with us regularly and he loved living out in the country on acreage where he had his very own off leash dog park to run and chase birds and smell lots of things. His favorite things to do was to vacation at the beach. He also loved the snow. The day we decided to put him down it was like he knew. He woke up at 4 am to go outside and then he came back in and laid down on his doggie pillow by the fire, which was where my husband and I had already decided that was where the vet would administer the drugs. We stayed by his side until the vet arrived and stayed with him until he peacefully passed. It was the most difficult thing we have ever had to do. We had an amazing end of life ceremony for him. My husband built him a casket and we buried him next to his Vizsla brother. Before we buried him, we took him on one last ride around the property in the pickup truck he loved to ride in. He is at peace now, and we miss him terribly. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for helping bring Charlie into our lives. It was an amazing journey! (Click here for Charlie's original story.)

2000 to February 10, 2016
Chris writes: Our dear “sweet-sla” Miss Hadley crossed the bridge last night-is running the fields in a new body with Red, Duke, Sunny & Lola. (Click here for Hadley's original story.)

2003 to January 28, 2016
So sad to say our sweet Chili lost her battle with multiple diseases and dementia today. She has returned to the call of the wild. Funny, independent and loving. Nice memories. So glad you were in her life. (Click here for Chili's original story.)

2000 to January 2016
(Click here for Dude's original story.)

February 2001 to January 2016
(Click here for Koko's original story.)

February 2001 to January 2016
Linda & Ron write: Sadly we lost our long loving and faithful boy in early January 2016. He was 1 month shy of 15 years old.He had a seizure that progressed over a few days. They think he had a brain tumor because all other tests were negative. Miss him terribly! (Click here for Boudreaux's original story.)

February 2014 to December 2015

Adopted July 2003 to November 2015
Merritt writes: I hope this finds you well. I wanted to wait till after the holidays to share this sad news. With a broken heart I have to share that Koko crossed to the Rainbow Bridge at the end of November. Her back legs finally stopped working and she stopped eating. As much as I did not want to say goodbye I knew (and my Vet confirmed) it was time to help her pass. We had a wonderful 12+ years together considering I thought I had lost her on my first day with her. She was a big part of our family, and proved to be a special girl that was easy to love. Thank you for connecting us together. I miss so many things about her and the house seems quiet without the clicking of her nails on the tile floor. She brought so much joy to my life. I know she is running and playing again now. (Click here for Koko's original story.)

October 24, 2000 to October 2015
Laurel writes: I wanted to let you know that we had to put Dante to sleep last week. He was just a couple weeks away from his 15th birthday. He had cancer. Dante was the best dog we could have ever had in our family. We miss him dearly. This picture was taken about 4 months ago. He grabbed the full box of muffins off the counter and managed to get that box thru 2 doggy doors to outside where he ate all 6 plus the papers, of course. He was a skilled counter cruiser and dumpster diver to the end. When our oldest son comes home from college, we will spread his ashes in the foothills behind our house together as a family. Dante loved his daily runs on the trails and I think that is where he was happiest. He was a truly sweet, special friend and member of our family who will always be missed and never forgotten. (Click here for Dante's original story.)

2003 to March 2015
We are sad to hear that Andy passed in March 2015 of cancer. He was a loved family member and will be greatly missed. Maybe not by the chicken's but by all humans. Andy made it gracefully to 12 years of age and was a handsome gent to the end. (Click here for Andy's original story.)

2009 to August 2015
Kayla moved to CA after her adoption in Idaho in 2010. She developed serious temper and psychological issues and came back into rescue hands. With the help of rescue friends in CA, Kayla was released from her pain. She left this world as a spoiled and adored Vizsla should: in loving arms, painlessly, while being hummed to, and eating roast beef in a softly lit room with music playing. Her eyes said "Thank you". Thank you to all who helped rescue Kayla one last time. Kayla - rest well in the arms of the angels. (Click here for Kayla's original story.)

2009 to August 11, 2015
KrisTina writes: Kelly had to put Sammy down last night. He had lung cancer with over 50 tumors in his lungs. Just wanted to let you know. (We at UT-ID Vizsla Rescue appreciate the love Sam had during his all too short life.) (Click here for Sammy's original story.)

December 23, 2000 to August 5, 2015
Mary Kaye writes: I wanted to let you both know that Bailey was helped across the Rainbow Bridge today. We had nearly 15 years together, fun years. We're pretty heart broken right now and have no immediate plans to adopt again. But we will! Thank you so much for giving us Bailey and his love (Click here for Bailey's original story.)

Adopted August 2003 to July 21, 2015
Lori writes: Hi Rebecca, I thought you'd want to know that Ginger died last week on Tuesday, July 21st. The end of August marks 12 years since we adopted her. It's hard to believe. I hope all is well with you and the pups. (Click here for Ginger's original story.)

May 2008 to July 14, 2015
Vinnie left us today. We're not sure if it was on his terms or ours but, despite appearing rock solid with all people, he had become increasingly unpredictable in multi-dog situations. Thank you to Mandie & Jessica and the staff at Northwest Animal Hospital for their efforts to give Vinnie every possible chance. In the end we just couldn't risk injury to another dog and decided the kindest thing to do was to let him go... after a few ice cream sandwiches and a good game of fetch... surrounded by people who loved him and a candle to light his way. He was brave, happy and trusting to the end. Run swift sweet Vinnie! (Click here for Vinnie's story.)

Adopted August 2004 to March 2015
Jane & Steve write: Our Jenny, rescue class of 2004, had been struggling with some health issues these last few months and at the end of March we had to say goodbye to her. The neighborhood squirrels and birds may be a little more relaxed on my walks but the house is way too quiet. She packed a lot of life in her almost 13 years and it is hard not to have her here. She was our Jumpin’ Jenny and was always exuberant. We are grateful that we knew her through your organization and that we had a chance to dote on her and try to keep up with her for more than a decade. Take care and give some hugs to your four-legged pals from us. (Click here for Jenny's original story.)

April 25, 2000 to February 28, 2015
Bailey had a pretty good 4 months hunting and fishing in southern Idaho where her rescue journey began back in 2008. In February she developed some skin masses and was due for a recheck the next day. As was her style, Bailey made her own decision. She collapsed in the wee hours of the morning and an ultrasound showed fluid and masses near her heart and spleen so we made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully just short of her 14th birthday. We know Tom & Lady were waiting for her, as well as her Idaho friends, Frank & Donny. (Click here for Bailey's original story.)

October 22, 2000 to February 2015
Larry writes: It is with deep sadness that I tell you that we had to put Maisy down last week due to advanced lymphoma. She will be dearly missed and I only hope that she thinks her last years were her best. I will soon be looking for another co-pilot as my truck feels empty without her in it. She was the sweetest girl. (Click here for Maisy's original story.)

September 26, 2001 to February 12, 2015
Rest in peace Hunter. September 26, 2001 to February 12, 2015. You adapted really well to Northern California wine country after the first ten years of your life in Wyoming! You did really well right up until the end! We will miss you very much, and thank you Penny Fenton Sherman and Utah Idaho Vizsla rescue for arranging for him to join us here. (Click here for Hunter's original story.)

July 2004 to October 2015
Sorry to let you know that Ms Cooper passed away from cancer at the end of October. She was a great pal for ten years and our family thanks you very much for the opportunity to have her for that time. Honestly, after she lived through falling off the cliff in 2006 every day was a bonus as she arguably should not have survived the fall. Anyway, what a goofy little dog that was - so many funny quirks and habits, always kept us laughing. (For example, in the end she became extremely fond of spicy food - Need to give her a pill? Dip it in hot salsa!) When I searched for your email address I came across a note with a series of photos I sent you before she fell. They were in Uintahs where she was standing on a crag/cliff with her eyes closed. It made me shake my head - yep, that's my dog. I always close my eyes when I stand on top of a cliff! (Click here for Cooper's original story.)

RUSTY 2012
November 26, 2000 to January 17, 2015
Becky writes: Our precious Rusty became an angel today. Our time with Rusty was incredible. We loved and adored him - truly and completely. He was generally in excellent health until the fall came and he started to experience changes in his eating behaviors and was losing weight. Several trips to the vet followed and we found his pancreatic and liver enzymes to be alarmingly high and our vet felt pretty confident Rusty had a cancer process going on in his GI tract. We made the decision to transition him as hospice patient and care for him at home. During the last few months we had several 'good' and 'great' days sprinkled with some 'not-so-good' days in which case Todd and I would tend to him in the comfort of home. We were able to administer fluids and medications in the scruff of his neck so we didn't have to try to force pills on him when he was nauseous and not feeling well. During this time, Rusty continued to amaze us with his beautiful, sweet disposition and his desire to do normal life things he enjoyed so much. We were able to take almost daily short walks and he was still able to get up on his couch and sleep in bed with us at night. The last few days things took a dramatic turn. Rusty became extremely weak and was unable to get up and walk short distances unassisted. He had old blood coming out of his back end. Although he didn't seem to be in pain, we did not want him to suffer a heart attack or stroke from the obvious major blood loss he was experiencing. He passed cradled in our arms today at the vet and it was peaceful. To say we loved him was an understatement. He was a huge part of our family and daily life, we loved and adored him so. I want to thank you so very much for allowing us the privilege to have him. Rusty was so very special and will live on in our hearts and be greatly missed. I know we will see him again, restored to health. I imagine he was quite the energetic vizsla in his youth… he was pretty darn energetic as a senior!! You will probably hear from us again when we have had some time to grieve and feel our hearts open to loving another rescue. (Click here for Rusty's original story.)

Adopted April 2003 to November 30, 2014
Rebecca - I wanted to thank you for the wonderful years that I was privileged to spend with Harley since I adopted her from you in April of 2003. Together we shared many adventures with each other and our cats. In her prime I could clock her running at 25mph down rural roads. We never did normal "dog" things like catch since she had no peripheral vision because of her one eye. That never stopped her from loving life and loving me. There was a lot of cuddling on the couch, fun rides in the truck, and comforting during thunderstorms. She started slowing down about a year ago, although she was still stubborn enough to sleep just next to her new dog bed on the floor instead of on it. She remained healthy to the end, just a little arthritis, and some benign tumors. Around Thanksgiving she let me know she was ready to go, and she did it on her own terms. She stopped eating for a few days, then she stopped drinking, then she stopped walking. On the morning of Sunday, November 30, she stopped breathing. The vet said she was 14 years and 8 months old. I'm devastated that my friend is gone, but it would be selfish of me to deny her her passing the way she wanted it. I know we'll see each other again. So thank you, for the huge chunk of my life that was so much better because I had Harley. The picture is from this year of her next to her dog bed. (Click here for Harley's original story.)

Adopted 2002 to November 2014
Greg & Linda write: Myla was, as nearly as we can estimate 18 years old and was skin and bones and in some pain as well so we decided to have her put down and cremated. Her ashes will be buried near her favorite place to lay in the sun, with a large rock to cover her. It is also a place that the occasional lizard that drove her nuts will lie there to sun himself. Thanks for all your help in finding this great dog. We appreciate having had her in our lives but age, 18 years, had caught up with her. (Click here for Myla's original story.)

Adopted July 2005 to October 2014
Dear Friends at UT/ID Vizsla Rescue, It saddens me to tell you that Kiva Dog passed away peacefully yesterday. After nearly ten years together I haven't the words to express all that I feel right now. Kiva brought out the very best in me and made me a better soul. She could conjure a smile under the worst of circumstances and melt my heart with her goofy expressions and always having to have her paw on my hand. Even now, I've managed a few belly laughs through the rages of tears and inconsolable sobbing. Thank you so much for rescuing me to me such a remarkably kindred spirit. (Click here for Kiva's original story.)

Adopted August 2002 to October 2014
Oct 2014, Jeremy writes: Not to be the bearer of bad news but just wanted to let you know after 12 years of having our wonderful Jack around I had to put him down a couple Fridays back at age 13. He developed some nerve damage in his spine that began causing a whole slew of problems and he was no longer living the life of a happy dog. I can honestly say, that was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my 42 years of life. Old man Bosco, age 15 now, is still doing quite well and together we’ve managed through it. We even went for a walk with the shotgun up in the hills looking for grouse so we could take our minds off Jack. It did help. Didn’t see any birds though and Bosco was only good for a small loop before he became tired and wanted his bed and a milk bone. Thank you so very much for rescuing Jack. He brought an unprecedented amount of Joy to my life as well as Bosco’s I’m sure. He will be missed. (Click here for Dr Jack Jones' original story.)

Adopted October 2001 to July 2014
Aug 2014, Dan writes: Penny and Rebecca, I have sad news. We had to put Wiley down about 2 weeks ago. He was about 16 years old and was with us for about 13 years! He had worsening weakness and confusion, or what they call doggie dementia. Except for that, his story is a happy one, and we will be forever thankful for your help in placing him with us. --Dan (Click here for Woody's original story.)

Adopted February 2004 to June 8, 2014
Jose writes: Penny after 10 great years with us Woody passed away Sunday June 8 around midnight. He is missed by all of us including the animals. He was one of the best dogs we have had. Myself and Ellie are sad about his passing but I was with him during his passing and he was loved until the end. We say that his life was a wonderful 10 years, he was the ruler of all animals. Two years ago we got a Weim pup now he is two and a half years. He after a week plus looks sad and depressed with Woody gone. Thank you for letting us adopt Woody he was wonderful. Thank You - The Santiesteban Family (Click here for Woody's original story.)

Adopted April 2001 to June 2014
Sadie passed this month due to complications of old age. Our best guess is that she was 14 or 15 yrs old and we could not have asked for a better life for her than the one she shared with Don & Brenda & Abby. We're pretty sure Frank and her sister, Abby, were both happy and sad to greet her at The Bridge. (Click here for Sadie's original story.)

Adopted September 2008 to May 2014
Kathy writes: I just wanted to send a note to tell you again how much I loved Henry. He filled all the empty corners of my day with fun and joy. He always started his day with the best down dog stretch before he greeted the world. He met everyone with his famous wiggle, back legs moving side to side lifting off the ground. Ne never lost a moment to be silly, curious, loving and playful. He is deeply missed by myself and all the other friends that he had. He was my sweetness. (Click here for Henry's original story.)

January 2002 to April 8, 2014
Kathy writes: I have been meaning to sit down and write you an e-mail but it has been so hard. Mia was one of the border collie/vizslas you guys so lovingly fostered. Mia was the most special dog ever. Anyone who met her was touched by her sweet, kind nature. She definitely loved people. Shortly after Jenn's visit, I took Mia in to the vet for a cough. An xray showed she had cancer. I was already taking her to a holistic vet and we did acupuncture and various herbal remedies. She was on prednisone, which helped the cough. She hung on until April 8th. She stopped eating and it was by far, one of the hardest decisions we ever made. We miss her so, so much. I can only take comfort that she is running around with her old buddy, Kito. Much love, Kathy (and Bill and Lily) (Click here for Mia's original story.)

Adopted 2007 to March 2014
We received the sad news that Ellie succumbed to a brain tumor that took her life far too young at barely 8 years old. In 2013 she went through FHO surgery to remove the pain from hip disyplasia and was again thriving and happy to run pain free with her vizsla brothers Carlo & Sander so we are very sad to learn of her passing. (Click here for Ellie's original story.)

2003 (adopted 2010) to February 13, 2014
D'Art was rushed to emergency Thursday evening after not wanting to eat his meals that day. Being very unusual for D'Art to miss any meal let alone multiple meals it was clear something was very wrong. radiographs and an examination detrmined the cause of his distress to be bloat and Roxane made the most difficult choice to let him go. Sometimes letting them go with us at their side is the kindest final gift we can offer after the unconditional love they share with us daily. Thank you Roxane for making D'Art's years with you the best ever. We know he wasn't the easiest dog to live with and you sure gave him a chance be the best that he could be... not to mention the happiest. (Click here for D'Art's original story.)

December 2002 to January 24, 2014
Carla writes: It is with extreme sadness that I share with you the unexpected loss of my best friend, confidant and furry daughter, Lexie. She woke on Monday unable to move, and had a high fever of unknown origin. The vets did everything they could for her, from IVs, antibiotic's, steroids, and morphine for the extreme pain she was in, as well as blood, urine and fecal tests and xrays to try and determine what was causing her symptoms. Unfortunately all the tests came back as normal so a specific cause could not be determined. Within 24 hours after rushing her into the clinic, she was gone. The vets believe that she may have had a quick and deadly onset of meningitis. I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this, when 24 hours earlier she had been a happy, healthy, loving, ball playing fool.
I want you to know that I will be forever grateful to you for allowing her to be a part of my family. She made the last 12 years of my life an adventure, providing constant entertainment with her high energy, loving and comical personality. She was with me and helped me through some of the worst times of my life and was there to share the best. Her passing has left a huge hole in my heart and life. She will be greatly missed. I have attached a few pictures of her that were taken within the last month. (Click here for Lexie's original story.)

February 2006 to January 22, 2014
Elaine writes: This is just a letter to let you know that we are so grateful to you for placing Herbie with us back in 2006. I had updated you when we had moved around, to California, Tennessee, and finally Iowa. Herbie had a fun and enjoyable time swimming in the ocean, riding on the bike paths with us, and working as a certified therapy dog with kindergartners in a reading program at school. He has always been the sweetest dog I've ever seen, an authentic snuggle-puppy.
This is our final update, to let you know that Herbie's time with us came to an end this past week. At Thanksgiving time this year, Herbie developed sudden partial paralysis of his back legs. This was unexpected and we consulted several specialists who ruled out neurological issues and thought it was an orthopedic problem that could be remedied through surgery. Herbie traveled to a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital at the University of Iowa in Ames, Iowa for the procedure. After undergoing a preliminary CT scan, the doctors discovered it was not an orthopedic problem as anticipated. His spinal fluid was tested for autoimmune issues, and he was put on a chemo drug for the issue. After several weeks of valiant treatment effort, it was determined that he was not responding. The doctors said that there was nothing more they could do for his treatment, other than manage the pain. His weakness increased and his pain was becoming unmanageable with medication. Herbie's heart and spirit remained strong so it was an especially difficult decision, but we didn't want him to suffer as he continued to deteriorate in health, so we put him down at home, surrounded by his loving family, on Wednesday, January 22nd.
Herbie will be very missed by our family. He has been our friend, companion, family and even my partner, as I have raised two small children alone these past seven years. We will never forget him, or the joy and gentle, unconditional love he brought to our lives. Thank you so much for all the work that you do. Thank you for sharing this exceptional and beautiful creature with us. (Click here for Herbie's original story.)

1999 to December 7, 2013
adopted June 2003

Matt writes: Sadie the Lady passed peacefully today in my loving arms at 1:40 pm. She will be loved and missed always. Thanks again for all the love, support, interest, and compassion that you showed for Sadie through her life. It has meant the world to both of us. (Click here for Sadie's original story.)

December 1998 to December 5, 2013
adopted Jan 12, 2002

Hello Penny, It its with a very heavy heart that we write to you with the news that Jakey received his Angel Wings on December 5th. He had declined in health over the last few months, suffering from canine dementia and spinal stenosis. His sister Addie died suddenly of a hemangiosarcoma in March at age 16. In June, Dwight, Jakey and I journeyed to our new home in Portland OR. Jakey had some good times during these last 6 months; he even was able to see the ocean (with awe) for the first time in his life, but his heart was always in Montana. We took things one day at a time in recent months, and his last days at home were peaceful. We believe that he wanted to make it to his 15th birthday (which he did), and he got to supervise the decorating of one last Christmas tree. Losing Addie and Jakey is the end of an amazing and joyful time in our lives. The two of them had more adventures and happy times than most dogs could ever dream of! I wonder how many miles the two of them ran in their lifetimes...We hope to some day be able to share our love and adventures again with a new generation of Lucky Dogs. The one picture is from last week; the other is Jakey in his prime doing what he loved to do best, and the third is how we think of Jakey and Addie together now. Carla and Dwight (Click here for Jakey's original story.)

2002 to November 18, 2013
I want to let you all know that I let go of my sweet doggy at home today in the loving presence of grandparents and his wonderful vet and technicians. He is now free of the pain of the cancer and his last moments were happy: he managed to revive from the sedative just long enough to gobble down the last few treats that were laying near him! Copper has been a gift of love to my life. I will dearly miss his intense spirit, sweet puppy soul and vast heart. Thank you all for the affection you’ve shared with him. Love S (Click here for Copper's original story.)

July 22, 1998 to November 7, 2013
It is with a sad heart that I inform you that my Holly passed away at 7:45 pm this evening after a very quick and fatal illness. We had a great 7 years together and loved each other very much. She went with me almost everywhere. She loved to ride on the back of my 4-wheeler and was my co-pilot in my motorhome on our trips. She wouldn't sleep anywhere but with me on my bed.. not at the foot but right next to me at the head of the bed. I was with her to her last breath which came quickly. I will miss her so very much.
Thank you, John, for making Holly's life full of the best times any dog can dream of! (Click here for Holly's original story.)

April 28, 1999 to November 7, 2013
Rocky was originally adopted in 2006 after healing from TPLO surgery. In September he returned to his original foster and recovery home with Mandie when his owner of 7 years was no longer able to care for him due to her own serious illness. Rocky enjoyed almost two months being cared for by Mandie and her crew, including being bossed around by Susie and running in the fields with Lucky & Stout. Thank you Mandie for filling Rocky's final weeks with love and happiness and especially for being strong enough to let him go when his time came. (Click here for Rocky's original story.)

2003 (adopted 2005) to November 4, 2013
Dear Rebecca and Penny, It is with very heavy heart that I have to tell you that our dearest Hunter crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning after a very brief struggle with cancer. In August he has a wart removed from his side - malignant melanoma, Grade III - but we all felt that age would take him before cancer. Then, a couple of weeks ago I noticed a similar looking wart in the inside of his left eyelid, which we immediately had removed, but histology also came back with the same diagnosis. Prognosis: guarded.
It was incredibly rapid! In about 10 days or so, he went from being his usual happy, frisky self, to a sad boy, obviously in pain. We first hoped that it might have been a slipped cervical disc, but when no pain killers seemed to help, we knew it was time. To the end, he wagged his tail when we talked to him, gave kisses, ate his breakfast this morning, and he slipped away at the vets with us both in attendance, to cross the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you for trusting us with him, and for allowing us to love him to the end. I think his happiest days were here in the UK running in the fields and woods chasing all manner of good scents. He and Grissom enjoyed their twice daily walks with Daddy, and they were the talk of the town, especially when Sarah, our latest vizsla adoptee from Hungary, joined the pack. Grissom will now have Sarah to play with - she's a 6 years old spayed bitch, who was used as a brood bitch at a puppy farm - so he won't be alone. Fortunately, both he and Sarah are healthy!
I though you would like to know... Lots of love to both of you from all of us here in the UK.
Inge, Michael, Grissom and Sarah (Click here for Hunter's original story.)

November 1999 to September 8, 2013
We received the sad news from Lauren that Satchel had to be put down after a short struggle with recurring pain that couldn't be managed. As much as we wish they could stay with us forever, sometimes we have to make the hard choice to let them go and be at peace and free of pain. Thank you Lauren for the great life you gave to Satchel. We're pretty sure he was on a mission to come live with you in Colorado... he loved the snow, the toys and his spoiled happy life. Satchel would have turned 14 in November. (Click here for Satchel's original story.)

October 23, 2006 to September 1, 2013
Sadly, and with the worst heartache we have ever experienced, Ladybug joins a few others over the bridge for using her bite to control her caregivers. Just like them she was 99% wonderful -everything you could want and more. No one, especially kids, who met her didn't fall in love with her. We thought after 7 years that we could manage the triggers (and we had) and that she wouldn't bite anyone besides us and our dogs, but she kept changing the rules and the games, especially this past year. When the new game became you can not touch my collar we, and she, lost the battle with her demons. We never had a better V in many ways, nor a worse one, all wrapped up in the same adorable package. She was beyond velcro with her people, and any people for that matter, and so high energy that she barely rested. We miss her beyond description and always will. (Click here for Ladybug's original story.)

2001 to August 2013
Jenn writes: I wanted to let you know that we lost Hogan just a couple weeks ago to bone cancer. It was a quick one. Ted is very upset over the loss of Hogan (he had only a week to prepare), but man did that dog have a good life. He will be missed. Best, Jenn and Austin with many great memories of our sweet boy. (Click here for Hogan's original story.)

January 1, 2001 to July 6, 2013
Max was diagnosed several years ago with diabetes but managed even the failing eyesight for many years with the help of his loving family. Tara & Brian write: It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the passing of Max. He died last night after complications from his diabetes. Brian and I went to Max's favorite place over the weekend, Cannon Beach. We decided not to take him this year due to his traveling has become very difficult. His caregiver had called to inform us he had stopped eating and therefore not able to get his insulin. He died at the vet ER this morning after his breathing stopped and poor heart gave out. About a month ago we decided to adopt a kitten (in picture) and we started to see the joy come back to Max's face. They truly loved each other! Max will be dearly missed by us and even though he had diabetes for the past six years, he didn't really show signs of slowing down until the past few months. We are so very sad right now, but the benefits of having such a wonderful dog like Max outweighs the sadness we are feeling right now. Our hearts are filled with many great memories of our sweet boy. With great sadness, Tara and Brian Mitts (Click here for Max's original story.)

MILO (was DEX)
2005 to May 2013
Michelle writes: Hello Penny, I've broken down in tears the last couple times I've tried to write...it's with a heavy heart that I share we've lost our dear pup Milo (was Dex, adopted in 2007). He was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after we got him, but our best friend Mandy happens to be an amazing vet and we spent lots of effort getting that under control. We thought that was the worst of his health concerns, but in 2010 he was diagnosed with an infiltrative lipoma on his leg. We tried everything - surgically removing it twice, steroid injections, etc. but the darn thing just wouldn't go away. The end of May it either freakishly ruptured or ruptured blood vessels around it and caused uncontrollable bleeding so we had to put him down.

Milo was the best dog we could have ever had the joy of owning. He climbed countless mountains and trails with us, was the ring bearer at our wedding, and luckily, had a chance to meet and cuddle his "sister," our first child born in November. I remember you saying Milo must have kept getting himself returned to your rescue because he knew we were out there waiting for him. I'd like to think that was true because I can't imagine what our lives would have been like without him. Thank you again for choosing us, he will be forever missed.
Kind regards, Michelle
Keep on hikin' Milo... we'll see you on down the trail! (Click here for Milo's original story.

2009 (adopted) to June 2013
In the almost four years Ginger lived with me she was all of that and more. The only thing she liked better than getting her head rubbed was the prospect of catching a chipmunk in the yard, but that darn leash was always just a foot too short. But she would lie in wait, hoping one would stray within reach, and steathily creep up on it. She loved splashing in the creek and playing in the snow, too.
Ginger must have been fighting the cancer in her body for months, but showed no signs of it. One day in mid-May, she suddenly started showing balance problems and couldn't make it down the stairs. By the next day, she needed support to sit up. Over the next two weeks, we made three trips to the Vet Hospital in Ft. Collins, CO but she died on June 3, 2013. The cancer was in all her organs. There was nothing to be done. (Click here for Ginger's original story.)

April 2003 to May 2013
We received word this month that Jinx lost her life to cancer of the spleen which came on unexpectedly. The good news, if you want to call it that, is the doctor stated she went very fast. Don writes: She was such a good companion and helper! Life is going to be very different!

Christine who trained Jinx writes: Our thoughts are with you. God Speed Jinx. We'll appreciate the new star in the sky tonight. (Click here for Jinx' original story.)

1999 to May 3, 2013
We had to say goodbye to Summit this evening. She went gently and sweetly, true to her inner nature. As you know, we had hoped we could buy time with the Selegiline, but it became increasingly apparent with each passing day that her old body was betraying her. She had several bad falls, aiming for the couch or trying to get down the back steps. We didn't want to see her badly injure herself. As I told Reb earlier, it seemed like the snarling---the most heartbreaking thing of all---was her trying as best she could to say to her people, "Enough, already!"
Thanks to all of you for your support and advice. This will be the first time in 26 years that we have not had a Vizsla underfoot, but that doesn't begin to match the breadth and depth of your collective experiences, so your help was immeasurable. Of course, we will always be grateful to Reb for literally crawling through the muck to bring this little rescue to safety. We are sad right now, but we wouldn't trade those years with Miss Priss for anything. See pictures below. -Julie and Kathryn (Click here for Summit's original story.)

1998 to April 16, 2013
Farrah & Mike write: It is with great sadness that we write to you to let you know that Red (Cane) Sugg has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our family is struggling through these next few days without his loving face, the sound of his nails on the hardwood, and mostly, without the warmth of his cuddles on the bed at night. Recently, he was diagnosed with canine dementia, severe arthritis, lower airway disease, and as of last Saturday, we believe he suffered a stroke which caused some neurological deficits. His quality of life declined very quickly and his eyes were so sad and tired that we felt the only humane decision was to let him go. I can't even begin to explain to you what a great dog he was. He was my third dog, and I fear never being able to own another because he was just so great. I never met a dog with a greater temperament. He never knew a stranger, and was so very gentle with children (even though he was quite large!). Thanks again for picking him to be a member of our family. We were truly blessed to have him in our lives for 10 years. I've attached some recent pictures of him. (Click here for Red's original story.)

1998 to March 21, 2013
Angela writes: I wanted to let you both know that our beloved Quinny has moved on to doggie heaven and is running free. We made the decision on Thursday evening after a pretty challenging couple of weeks. If our vet aged her correctly, she was near 16. We had 13 years with her and can't believe our little pack is without her today. Penny, I know she held a special place in your/Frank's heart. There is no doubt Frank is throwing a ball or Frisbee for her as we speak. I thought of her welcoming committee when she passed over and there was many of our animals there to greet her. She was ready, unfortunately, we were not. We love her and will miss her tremendously. Thanks again for bringing her into our lives. (Click here for Quinn's original story.)

May 1999 to February 2013
We are sad to say that Rita passed away in February of 2013 do to complications with her lungs. She was 13 years old and gave us more than we could have asked for. She came to us when she was seven and we never imagined she would be with us as long as she was. She was the sweetest girl in the world. When we had our son Nolan she was so loving and protective. He loved her and she love him and it's not always easy explaining what happened to a 3 year old. It is disappointing that she never got to meet our daughter, I'm sure they would have been inseparable.
On a happier note. Duke is 10 years old and seems to be doing fine. He doesn't get as much of the attention with the two kids running around but he also doesn't have the energy he did when he was a puppy. He is affectionately referred to as Dukus (Duke-us) by our son and now the whole family. He still likes to bark at squirrels in the back yard and take naps on the couch. We hope you have all been well. (Click here for Rita's original story.)

September 2003 to January 2013
Greg writes... Just thought you should know that our beloved Rudi (adopted Nov 2003) passed away earlier this week. It was very sudden and quick. Our vet suspected anaplasmosis or a spleen tumor rupturing. We miss him a lot but are grateful for the 9+ years we enjoyed with him. Thanks for bringing us together. We say... Thank you to the Rose family for giving him a good life and for letting us know. Sleep well Rudi. (Click here for Rudi's original story.)

1998 to January 2013
I wanted to let you know that my sweet, silly boy was let go on 1/7/2013. His back legs stopped working for him and I could no longer control his pain to make him comfortable. He was a wonderful companion for 13 years and has left a hole in my life and household. I will miss and love him fore ever more. I am sure that as this loss gets further behind me I will want to add a new menber to my life, so if you have any dogs that you would like to let me know about I would appreciate it. (Click here for Simon's original story.)

2007 to December 30, 2012
Gunner's family made the difficult decision to let him go when his seizures could no longer be controlled with medication. Thanks for giving him the best years of his life in wild WY. (Click here for Gunner's original story.)

2003 to December 13, 2012
Charlene & Al are devastated by the loss of their precious Jody to a fast moving untreatable cancer in her ear and throat.

(Click here for Jody's original story.)

July 2009 to December 1, 2012
Laurie writes: With a heavy heart letting you know that Bryan and Roger decided to put Frankie to sleep yesterday. His seizures were getting so bad and medications maxed out to the point they weren't helping that much, and his quality of life was suffering. Being that their backgrounds are the medical and research fields, they did everything they could for Frankie. With all the medical issues Frankie had, he truly couldn't have been in a better home. Can't help but think the match was meant to be....Penny, maybe you could talk to Frank about taking him for lot's of hikes and car rides. He really loved those things :) (Click here for Frankie's original story.)

1998 to November 5, 2012
Jennifer writes: I wanted to let you know that Rocket passed away last night at the ripe old age of 14 yrs. He was companion to 2 parents and 5 children. He was a gentle giant and capable protector. He was well loved and an amazing friend and dog to our family. We will miss him dearly. I thank you for the opportunity to work with UT/ID Rescue because if it wasn’t for that, we never would have had Rocket. We wish you and the rest of the rescue all the best. And send our love from both sides of the rainbow. (Click here for Rocket's original story.)

May 1, 1999 to September 13, 2012

(Click here for Salus's original story.)

February 9, 2003 to September 11, 2012

(Click here for Tiny's original story.)

December 1997 to August 28, 2012
Kay writes: Yesterday I had to put Rusty, our Vizsla Rescue Haven’s 15-yr old foster, to sleep. Rusty was one of the 3 first fosters to arrive on our doorstep back in 2005 when we first opened. He came from an abusive home in Idaho and was diagnosed as a reactive biter by the UC Davis behavioral vet school. He was put on Zoloft which helped relieve his anxiety and, thankfully, quit biting me :). However, he would not allow anyone but me to pet or touch him until his last few years when he really mellowed out. Despite his abuse, Rusty was a happy boy and loved playing with toys. One of the best pictures I have of him is with 3 toys crammed into his mouth. Late last year he had a grade 2 mast cell removed from between his shoulders and he just never bounced back. For awhile he was not eating except for deli turkey and baked chicken. He finally started eating canned food too but would only eat if I fed him by hand. But his legs started failing him and he developed breathing and vision problems. Although his spirit remained high, his body was failing him so I made the decision to let him go. The vet techs at the vet’s came in to say good-bye to him as he was a favorite of theirs when I had to board him or get his nails trimmed. It was amazing to watch Rusty accept the hugs and kisses from these folks... this from a dog who never let people pet him. And it was heart warming to see how much Rusty had touched people’s hearts. After 7 years, Rusty will be missed. He had become such a presence at the Vizsla Rescue Haven that the house seemed eerily quiet last night without him there. (We are so very grateful to Kay and the Vizsla Rescue Haven for giving Rusty and vizslas like him a safe haven filled with love and patience.) (Click here for Rusty's original story.)

May 1997 to August 13, 2012
Rebecca writes: Romeo was one of those dream dogs. He was fun, silly, spunky, liked all other dogs, naturally obedient, loved to run at our mountain cabin, and was the calm alpha of our pack. Romeo also made you hold your breath. His two related brothers Damian and Romeo 1 (our first two V's) both died of epi seizures. He was a "replacement" for Romeo 1 who died at about 7 months old. So for 15 years and 3 months we hoped.

Romeo was my dog from day one. He shared my pillow at night, got first spot on the couch, followed me everywhere, and loved ear rubs and taps on his head and nose. He could calm a wild child rescue dog with one lip curl and low growl. Romeo loved to play fetch in a group, silly dog would bring it back once or twice at home but in a group he would fetch for hours. Romeo and Ms. Annie the GSP always had a contest to see who could get there first and Romeo mostly won but would at times drop it so Annie could bring it back. Romeo loved Daryl who is the play master of all games.

Romeo was a lumpy bumpy dog in his senior years but enjoyed good health to the last few hours. His weekend was great with the door open and access to his yard and kingdom. At about midnight he vomited and began to pace and pant heavily. At about 2 am he collapsed on the stairs into the house and could not get up. He was carried in by dad and yet his eyes became glazed and his breathing shallow and raspy. A trip to the ER confirmed that he was not coming home. Romeo passed in the arms of the two people who loved him so dearly.

Romeo leaves behind his brothers Draco, Thatcher, Waylin and foster brother Bo. I am sure he will be greeted by lots of friends and dog family at Rainbow Bridge and will be happy to have Frank throw things for him and Annie while he waits for us.

2003 to July 5, 2012
We have some sad news to share about our beloved Sophie. She lost her battle with cancer today. She was diagnosed in late April and although she fought the good fight it was just too much for her to overcome. We are certain she will regain her strength and vigor at Rainbow Bridge where the meadows and hills that escaped her the past few months await with open arms. It is impossible to put into words exactly what she meant to us. We were grateful to provide her a home, but little did we know that she would provide us much more in return. She brought a tremendous amount of companionship, energy, joy and love to our family. There is no question we got the better end of the deal. We didn't know exactly what to expect when you first introduced us to her, but from the beginning we knew she was the perfect fit. She was always willing and ready to go, whether it was for a long run, chuck-it session, or a quick trip to the store. She was a dog on the go and loved being part of the action. She could also be counted on to sit patiently for the Christmas photo or just hang out watching tv, snuggling with any of her favorite humans! This continued as our family grew. She had unending patience when it came to being "loved" by the 2 little kids that we added to our family in the last 3 years. We often questioned how such a wonderful dog could have been abandoned, but this question was always answered with gratitude over us finding her. Her life with us was much too short but her impact on us will carry on forever. We miss you terribly Soph! Mark and Beth (Click here for Sophie's original story.)

Dec 2000 to June 29, 2012
We knew Eddy was special the day we picked him up from a shelter near Boise. He was afraid of dogs with big energy getting in his space and between a head injury from his puppy days and his busy Brittany half, most people shied away from Eddy. It only made him more special to us and made us more determined to fill his world with love and security. It was literally 6 months before he would go outside without us for fear he would be left outside alone. He didn't like to be touched by other dogs/cats and had trouble processing new information but once he figured out a routine and everyone knew the rules he was the happiest camper ever. The real eye opener for us was after Maggie passed and Frank commented that Eddy was our best dog. Frank was so right! Eddy was our new "leader dog" and, despite being a scrapper when he first arrived, he became our meet & greet dog... the one who could always be counted on to bring a new dog into the home. Eddy didn't get to go with us a lot which made every trip all the more special. I will forever see you running on Rockaway Beach in the sunset at low tide. That nasty cancer cut your life short by a few years but no dog could have relished every minute of it the way you did, little buddy. Don't stay too long at The Bridge drinking scotch with Frank before setting off for your next great adventure. Be brave little man! (Click here for Eddy's original story.)

2006 to summer 2012
We received word in July that Goblin passed away from kidney disease at the young age of about 7-yrs old. (Click here for Goblin's original story.)

September 5, 2003 to May 31, 2012
Hi Rebecca, it's Gina and Jason with Flash. Just wanted to let you know back in January he collapsed and rushed him to the pet emergency center. We found out he had pericardia effusion. A hemangeomo-sarcoma on his heart and his spleen. We took him to the best at WSU and he had surgery to remove his spleen and the sack around the heart. He healed and had 2 great months. Two days ago he took a turn.....he became very sick again and started coughing up blood. I think the cancer had moved to his lungs. We said goodbye to him last night and had a good hard cry :( He was such a good doggie and every doctor he saw they would always tell us how sweet he was through this all. Thank you for finding Flash for Jason. Flash was a big part of why I fell in love with Jason. He has been our sweet boy and we will always miss him. Love, Gina, Jason and Ginger (Click here for Goblin's original story.)

2008 to May 22, 2012
Watson was a beloved addition to the family. He loved to play ball, he loved to sleep on the bed, he had great manners and loved to be just anywhere with mom and dad. Watson in some small way helped them heal over the loss of their older Vizsla. But after a few short months Watson started to become ultra home protective. His behavior was loving and known with the family but increasingly worrysome with strangers. After consults with trainers and knowing that this behavior was probably the reason he was never claimed from the shelter, it was decided that Watson would pass on to Rainbow Bridge to wait for his family. The choice was painful and filled with tears for those who loved him. We only wish that his original home had done what was right before another family fell in love with him and had to make the final decision for a lovely dog who captured our hearts but had a fatal flaw. (Click here for Watson's original story.)

2004 to May 14, 2012
Mary Lou & Dick write: We lost Milo today. He was doing what he loved most, "working" with Dick. While chasing a pesky mouse he ran under the forks of a loader right when, for whatever reason, they decided to come unhooked and fell on him. Dick was with Milo and held/petted him until he was gone. I know everyone who got to meet Milo knew what a sweet, loving gentlemen he was. No one got away from him without a greeting and then a proper "lean-on". We will miss him....one less sweet, gentle spirit left in the world. Give your loved ones (four legged and/or two) a hug and a thank you for their companionship. Life will not be the same without our constant companion and best buddy. (Click here for Milo's original story.)

August 24, 2001 to May 8, 2012
Lynne & Chuck write: Dear family and friends, Our wondrous, sweet, unique Bo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge late yesterday afternoon. He will be missed so much it is hard to describe here, we just feel it in our whole beings like an ache, a true loss in our hearts and the mind is unsure of what today will hold without him. Many of you know, but for those we weren't able to touch base with recently, Bo was diagnosed with an osteo-sarcoma of his right humerus on April 4th. This insidious bone cancer made it necessary for us to have our kind vet out to the house yesterday to help us assist him to a pain free place where he could run amongst the sages without a leash. He was such a character, for those of you that had been around him you'll recognize most of what we describe: he had ears that were softer than velvet, and a bright set of red-gold eyes that watched you in every direction, especially if he sensed you were going to go somewhere, because the truck and cars were his favorite escape vehicle no matter where they were going. He could smell the porcupine in the yard AS you opened the door, he could wander with that nose in almost any direction as far as you'd go with him; he was capable of detecting our emotions and loved to lean on or touch us if we would just stand still. He'd touch you too because his breed enjoys people so much. His way of hanging ornaments on the sages and rabbit-brushes around property was self incriminating. He ran to win every race, and zoomed crazy 8's as if possessed by a need to exercise to the last drop of energy, at that moment. He could make a sage stick his favorite toy, until he got home and the basket of them waited for him to come by for a rooting of what would be his next favorite. He used toys not so much to play with, but to draw you into his next event, usually outside no matter the temperature!His method was to grab the toy on the way to the door, then take you outside, spit the toy out on the deck and look at you to make sure you followed him down to the shade of the maple tree, or the snow on the lawn to make sure you sat down in the grass to watch the clouds go by or the birds on the lake, to just slow down and enjoy the natural beauty of the day. Or, maybe to point at the next critter or it's hole near the rock wall, he had important things to do, and we are so very thankful he shared their significance with us.

We are thankful for the loving care many of you shared with him over the years that we were blessed to have him in our lives! Thank you to the ID/UT Vizsla Rescue Group for introducing Bo to us. In honor of Bo, Lynne and Chuck.

We too thank you, Lynne & Chuck, for opening your hearts & home to Bo for what turned out to be too few but oh so happy years. (Click here for Bo's original story.)

1999 to May 8, 2012
Donna writes: We just want to let you know we lost our "Mocha Bean" on Tuesday, May 8th. We thank you so much for allowing us to care for her almost 12 years. She was a joy and we valued her long friendship. She was well cared for and loved being outside - in the car and especially on the couch. She would sneak up there whenever I went outside. Rodger & I truly appreciate you trusting us with her new life out here in the country. We were rewarded with a faithful and loyal family member. Continue your good work. Love, Rodger & Donna. (Click here for Mocha's original story.)

January 1, 2002 to April 4, 2012
Princess died at home with the family she adored after a sudden illness. She was lethargic and not hungry, went to the vet who could find nothing obvious to treat. They drew blood for lab tests but, sadly, Princess passed away before the lab results even came back on the blood work. Princess slipped away in the arms of her loving family who miss her terribly. Run fast and be a brave girl, Princess! (Click here for Princess' original story.)

1999 to March 19, 2012
Christy writes: Rye died last night and I am so sad... He had a nasal discharge since the beg of Feb--not snot just a clear, blood tinged mucous. I did x-rays, cytology, nasal exam--no tumors seen. His bloodwork showed his liver levels elevating rapidly and I had an appt for him at a specialist tomorrow to do ultrasound on his liver. Last night he was at my bedside having trouble breathing and I thought he had the snot again and needed to sneeze it out. I went to sleep with my hand on his head. My boyfriend woke me up at 2 to tell me there was something wrong with Rye. I went downstairs and there was blood everywhere..everywhere...just one nostril (the same all the time) draining blood...I sat with him hoping it would stop and knowing that it was bad. Two hours later of saying good bye and it not improving and him looking so confused I had to make the horrible decision. I can't tell you how devastated I am...he was such a great dog..my true buddy..I knew he had stuff I was going to have to deal with but I wasn't prepared for last night. He was such a great dog. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you bringing him to my life. We had a great trip to the beach in December and in January and he got to do all the things he loved... mainly running for the sake of running. We had a great life together and I miss him so much and am so sad. Again, I am so appreciative of the work you have done.... I got him March 11th 12 years ago. We had 12 great years. I'm so sad. (Click here for Rye's original story.)

December 2, 2000 - January 2012
Mischief made it through cancer treatment shortly after her adoption in 2008 but she finally succumbed to Hemangiopericytoma at just 11 years old. Heather writes: She has been the best dog for the three + years that I have had her. I am very sad. Just wanted to let you know. (Click here for Mischief's original story.)

2001 - January 12, 2012
Molly started acting lame in her left rear leg just before Christmas. Shortly after New Years xrays confirmed a diagnoses of cancer near the head of the femur. Her pain was managed as much as possible with medication but in the end it was best to let her go in peace surrounded by the family she loved. She was well loved and will be greatly missed. (Click here for Molly's original story.)

1998 - 2011
Dec 2011, Leanne writes: I am sorry to tell you that Dougal-dog passed away earlier this year. He died of a sudden heart attack which is heart breaking but, otherwise he was in good health so he enjoyed life to the fullest until this last moment. In fact he was on a walk when the heart attack hit. We all feel very fortunate to have spent 11 great years with him. If you remember we adopted him from Utah Rescue in 2000, when he was approximately 2-3 years old. My mom and her husband are still very sad and miss him so, I lend them my V's so they can get their V fix. I am working with Colorado Vizsla rescue now and have 2 Vizslas myself so, I am still surrounded by V's and happier for it. (Click here for Pepper's adoption story.)

1998 - November 30, 2011
We lost Holleigh Nov 30th due to an emergency gastric distention (bloat). We struggle daily with our loss as she was our main focus in life! We are devastated as she was doing well for her age. (Click here for Holleigh's adoption story.)

2010 - November 1, 2011
Blaze was a beautiful 1 yo Vizsla who was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. Marissa and Kevin are local volunteers who offered to bail him out of the shelter and take him to the vets office for his neuter. Marissa sat in the back seat and let him cuddle on her lap for the hour's ride and we are grateful that he had that hour of love. Blaze was neutered about noon on Tuesday but the ligature used to tied off blood vessels came off and the vet did not think that could be the problem. They ran tests, thought is was a reaction from anesthesia or that he had a blood disorder. Blaze died at 11 pm as he bled to death with a vet thinking it was something it was not. I know mistakes are made and in 400+ dogs this is the our first death. We grieve for Blaze and the wonderful life he could have had and the unconditional love he had to give.

June 2011 - September 2011
Lefty was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. He was about 4 yrs old, tail docked, dews off, 45 lbs. Lefty liked other dogs as long as no food or toys were involved. Lefty was a dog who loved but was also haunted by his past. He was highly food aggressive even with people. He trusted few people and showed that he was willing to bite and injure. Lefty was released in the arms of the person that he loved in rescue and he hopes that the person he harmed will forgive him and meet him at Rainbow Bridge along with all the other Dowdell dogs. He will forever be ours.

1998 - August 2011
Kelly writes: Dakota (greatest dog on the planet, to me), passed away in August from lymphoma. We tried so hard to fight that dreaded disease. She was truly a remarkable dog and friend, and I miss her every single day. (Click here Dakota's original story.)

May 27, 1995 - August 2, 2011
Talk about a heart dog.... Annie and her heart-shaped "target" stole our hearts the first time she jumped the fence into our yard to play with then 1-yr old Maggie. Never an easy dog, she was often referred to (fondly of course) as "that little bitch" and she was determined to live life her way. She moved in permanently when she was a year old. Annie was a fetching machine, demanding about balls, birds and dinner. Breakfast was never important to Annie. Did I mention she was driven to fetch? On backpacking trips we often had to retire early because she would continue to drag sticks from the fire to play fetch when we gave her the "no more" signal. More than once Frank called me at work to report "that little bitch stole my sardine sandwich!". There were many declarations about "that little bitch" never going on another camping/fishing trip. She always did. Annie, her heart and her ball drive were a hit with all who met her. I'm sad for the people who will never meet her but I can't be sad for the time she gave us. She never missed a beat. Even when her eyesight failed her, her mind remained sharp and she never lost her dignity (although there was really never anything very dignified about Annie). In the end her muscles just couldn't carry her any farther. More than once she was caught dropping her ball at the base of a statue or tree, barking and demanding it to throw the damn ball! Thanks for the good times and the smiles, Annie girl. (Click here for a video of Annie 1 week before her passing as she rehearsed her big run across The Bridge to meet Frank & Maggie and the others.)
ps - stay out of the freshly mowed grass with your white paws my little pigpen!

2000 - July 21, 2011
On July 21st, 2011 at 7:30pm Misty raced across the Rainbow Bridge to play with her endless supply of tennis balls. The night before her heart had decided it had enough. It was with deep sadness that I told her goodbye for now and let her go. Misty had come into my life on May 3rd and completely turned it upside down. Needless to say I had hoped it would be much longer than 2 1/2 months but I'll take it. She was a sweet, loving, needy and stubborn old soul in a doggie suit which was exactly what I needed. I can say with honesty that she was spoiled and loved to the very last second. Which was only what she deserved...... You go baby girl! Have a wonderful time on the bridge until I get there!
"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so.... Twas Heaven here with you." Courtesy of Isla Paschal Richardson (Click here for Misty's story.)

1997 - July 3, 2011
I've been reluctant to write to you about Amber passing on July 3 because I figure with all the dogs you have placed over the past 12 years it might get depressing when you only hear from owners when their dogs die. But the more I thought about it I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you placed Amber with me and that she was well taken care of for the 12 years I had her. I couldn't have asked for a better first dog. She was always an incredibly easy going and fun loving dog. At 14, old age issues just added up to being to much for her strong spirit to overcome. Kade is still doing well. It's hard to believe I've had him for 6 years. He's also been a great dog and companion. He's in better shape than Amber was at 10 so he might be around for a while. (Click here for Amber's story.)

entered rescue & crossed over April 2011
Zack's intake photo told a sad story of a hard life. For Zack, the love of a family came too late to turn his life around. We are grateful to the Schmidt family for the happiness they were able to give him and the greatest gift of all was to be with him at the end. (Click here for Zack's story.)

July 2002 - May 8, 2011
Sadly, in the early morning hours of May 8, our beloved Vic crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, where I’m sure Frank was waiting to welcome him. That thought gave me comfort. It is still very difficult not having him with us. I still expect him to come around the corner any time. I really miss his cuddles and the way he loved to touch noses. Vic was such a kind and gentle soul who gave us endless joy and happiness just being Vic. He didn’t care what we were doing as long as he could be with us. He could make you smile just by looking at you with his sweet face and those soulful eyes. And boy was he a talker! If he thought it was time for a walk or he was out of food or water, he let you know! His RRRRRRRR voice had many pitches depending on how impatient he was. Although we only had him for seven short years, he gave us a lifetime of love. I know he is bounding through the tall grass following his nose whenever his big heart desires. See you again someday, my sweet Vic. You are missed terribly. (Click here for Vic's original story.)

December 6, 1996 - March 11, 2011
I am heavy hearted in telling you that my companion is gone. Though Margaux's advanced age required accommodations we were both fine in implementing, she eventually reached a point where it became evident that my unwillingness to let her go was extending her suffering. In the last year, she had had a couple of episodes involving her tender stomach that I thought would be too much for her to overcome, but thanks to our veterinarian she did, at least partially. Following the discovery of tumors however, she had a precipitous drop in weight, and became unable to walk fifty feet without collapsing in a desperate gasp for air. On March 11th, I took her in to the vet for the last time. Expectedly, she was very nervous, but at one point, gave that up and in her last act of affection, pressed her head to my chest before lying down and going to sleep. Margaux overcame many things with me, and I with her. She typically went everywhere with me and made friends at every stop. If seen without her, I would be asked where she was. Once word got out that she was gone, people approached to speak of the impression she had made upon them. I can't tell you how much I miss her. She seemed to know that drawing was an important practice to me and it simply became part of our daily routine together. She never once tried to interrupt. If on a computer - as I am now, on the other hand - she could be felt staring at me from across the room. Her issue with cats was comically conquered by a cat in my dad's neighborhood who insisted that Margaux would be her friend, and would come running as soon as we were spotted driving up. After that Margaux assumed friendship was a possibility with all cats. She was such a good friend to me that I often felt disbelief toward her history. I feel fortunate to have had seven years with her. I buried the sweet girl near the family cabin that was our home together, and where she loved tracking the grouse. - Ransom (Click here for Margaux's original story.)

August 1997 - December 2010
Spice's body gave out but her heart wanted to stay. She was well loved for many years, we only wish we could keep them the rest of our lives. She will always be in the hearts of the Richards family. (Click here for Spice's story.)

May 1996 to October 2010
I've been meaning to let you know that we finally had to let go of Odin in October. His whole rear-end had pretty much stopped working and he was not a happy dog. He was snapping at us a lot, and actually bit me pretty hard the night before we said goodbye. He's planted in our front yard beneath a new camellia bush. We took him to Dove Lewis and they were really wonderful. Thanks for helping bring him into our lives, he was a good old boy. (We thank you too for giving Odin a place in your hearts and lives.) (Click here for Odin's original story.)

April 28, 1997 to October 10, 2010
Vicki writes: I wanted to let you know that our precious Katica died last night. It was without warning and fairly quick. I'm positive she was in no pain and she died with Andy and I holding her and Zoli by her side. We really couldn't have asked for more than that. She wasn't sick but the old girl was 14. Our hearts are broken but it's worth it for every moment we had with her. (Click here for Katica's original story.)

November 22, 2005 to September 19, 2010
Luka was the result of an Iowa puppy mill breeding (the breeders frequently have 10+ assorted and designer breeds advertised on their website) and, whether it was genetics or something horrible that happened to him when he was a very young puppy in the litter, Luka's dark side finally got the best of him and in the end no amount of love could heal the wounds deep in his heart. Those who knew and loved Luka will remember him as the body-slamming party boy who was also arguably the best trail dog ever. He taught many other foster dogs about hiking and recall and was an ambassodor for vizsla rescue as he hiked the Boise foothills. If there is a beer booth at the Bridge we figure Frank & Donny are tending bar and now they have a greeter to make sure everyone is having a blast because, despite his problems, Luka was the ultimate "greeter dog" and knew how to have a good time. He made some bad choices during his life but he was a happy and outgoing dog 99% of the time and we are grateful for the time he shared with us. Thank you Jenny for giving Luka the best years of his life and a chance only you could give him. We love you silly boy! (Click here for Luka's original story.)

adopted from shelter May 1997 - Aug 28, 2010
We are especially sad for the vizslas who never find a home of their own. Donny was one of those special vizslas who tried our patience at every turn. He was never easy, not even a very nice dog really, but when it came right down to it, he was happy being Donny and that's what really counts. He didn't care that he wasn't handsome or that he grossed us out with his poop eating (& growled at us if we tried to take it away from him), or that we tried to give him back to the shelter everytime we saw them at an adoption event. He knew we didn't mean it. Donny wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. It took him literally months to figure out he could come in the house when the door opened without an invitation and in 3 years he never learned to get on the couch. Seriously, for months he would stand at the door and let other dogs rush past him and look at us like "what? oh, you want me to come inside? weeeelllll.... okay then. I believe I will.". It took him a week to figure out the doggie door and he looked totally shocked when other dogs kept appearing and disappearing through the door. Same thing with the couch... for 3 years he watched other dogs step over him to get on the couch but it never once occured to him to try it out himself. Donny also ate things - dishcloths, towels, garden gloves. Usually they came back up the way they went in but occasionally he would poop out the garden gloves. We bought bright colors after losing the first pair. Unlike most Vs who like to show off their prize, Donny was a "closet chewer" and would sneak off and eat things so we never knew until they came out one end or the other. That he avoided a bowel obstruction is amazing.

Run fast, run swift, Donny boy. You looked like you were put together from all leftover pieces & parts but, like a Sherman tank, you just kept on going despite a heart murmur, splenectomy, malignant melanomas, kidney disease and who knows what else. There was nothing graceful about you but your heart was full of grace. We surely will never forget you. Have fun hunting with Frank. (Click here for Donny's story.)

January 2007 (adopted) - August 2010
Bas aka Sabastian passed away peacefully in his sleep in August 2010. Thank you, Robin, for giving him what were probably the best years of his life as buddy to both you & Sadie. (Click here for Bas's original story.)

1999 - Summer 2010
It is always so hard to not look to the beginnings of a something when that something has come to an end... In preparation of writing this I went back and read the kind words that Amy and Dave Smith had written about J.R. while he was in their foster care. They were seeking out a home where J.R. would be the center of someone's universe. Yes, J.R. found a home where he was just that. J.R. enjoyed a life of accompanying me, a stay at home mom, to daily trips to Starbucks after dropping the kids off at school. Even after his accident he loved rides in the car more than anything! He became quite popular with the baristas in the drive thru of our local Starbucks. They even got J.R. his own bag of treats to keep in the store so he would get something when we would drive through.

J.R. was my constant companion. Much like many Vizslas he was like velcro. I do not believe I was ever alone in a room in the years he was with us. I do not believe that J.R. did this out of anxiety; I believe he simply loved his people. J.R. was notorious for locking eyes with humans. He did this with the most loving, compassionate, and curious intent. J.R. had better communication skills than many people I have met.

J.R.'s life was quite a mystery to us when we got him; however, through various activities we could tell that camping, hiking, lakes and outdoors were not at all foreign to him. He loved the outdoors just as much as our family did! At night he would always find his way into the sleeping bag of one of the kids.

I know that J.R was very much loved by his owners who lost their lives in the accident. My son, who was 11 at the time of J.R.'s passing, told me shortly after that he felt better knowing that J.R's owners were probably waiting for him in heaven. I feel very blessed and honored to have been able to have J.R. as a part of our family. (Click here for J.R.'s story.)

July 1998 - July 2010
Jake passed in July of 2010 after a brief battle with cancer. Jake loved having Spice for a sister and had a grand and full life with the Richards family. (Click here for Jake's story.)

April 2007 - Summer 2010
This has been a very sad year for us. Hard as we try to keep them safe we just can't make all of their choices for them and tragedy struck when Tootsie chased a truck with a dog hanging off the back and was struck by the vehicle. One thing we are sure of is that she was well-loved and could not have had a more full life than her time as Dan's "almost best gal". She loved helping him in the shop and riding on the 4-wheeler with him as he did his chores around the property. (Click here for Tootsie's original story.)

April 2007 - April 26, 2010
We are saddened beyond words to report that Rudy was killed in April by the very people we trusted to love and care for him. His crime? Unknown to us and dismissed by his owners as "being protective", Rudy had become fearful and stressed while his busy family ignored all the warning signs which in hindsight were clear and direct. They did not seek professional help (as they promised they would) and when his fears escalated to a bite incident they sought our advice. We asked them to have him evaluated by a trainer and to have blood work done at their vet to rule out a physical reason for the bite because they assured us this was sudden and new behavior. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect any reputable veterinarian to recommend euthanasia without even asking if there were any alternatives or recommending a behavior consult. If they had only bothered to ask they would have found out we always take back our dogs for any reason at any time and we have experienced trainers and vizsla people who could have worked with him. Rudy was barely 3 years old and his family blamed him for behavior they created. Rudy, your life was cut short by people who promised to love you but you don't have to be afraid anymore. Run fast, be happy, hunt well and say "hi" to Uncle Frank when you see him. (Click here for Rudy's original story.)

March 2000 to April 12, 2010
At barely 10-yrs old, Connor passed away suddenly from complications of fluid build up around his heart. One day he was excataing for gophers at the dog park and then he was gone all too soon. Happy digging at the Bridge, Mr Connor Quinn and say hi to Frank and the rest of the gang. (Click here for Connor's story.)

1998 - March 2010
Alex passed away in March due to complications of a tumor that grew too large to operate on. Be happy, sweet Alex. We miss your big ol' paws and sweet disposition. (Click here for Alex's story.)

June 30, 1999 to March 16, 2010
Mandi passed away at just 10-yrs young after a short battle with a deadly sarcoma that affected her mouth and gums. Her time with her new family was all too short but we are thankful she and they had the time with each other that they did. See you at The Bridge, Mandi! (Click here for Mandi's original story.)

October 1997 to February 2010
Blitzen went over the Bridge at 12 yrs after a short battle with age related illness. He was surrounded by a loving family to the end and he knew it. David writes: He's four years old again, ears flapping, tongue out, and romping happily with our Max, Zsa Zsa and all the other Red Dogs. (Click here for Blitzen's original story.)

Aug 3, 1995 - Feb 24, 2010
Cooder jumped in my car that day in La Grande and I was forever changed. He brought me so many years of happiness, friendship and a sense of purpose in the crazy world. He opened the door to rescue for me and Peaches, Charlie and more to come will grace our households because Cooder waited. Waited for me to come along. Renovate your life, the old myths say, and the universe is yours. And renovate he did - both my life and his own. Cooder was the king among kings in the Ruggeri/McConnell home. Give an old dog a chance... they do indeed learn new tricks! I will miss Cooder forever but he has opened my heart and I am forever changed. I know that when I'm ready we will open our hearts again and the three legged red will be proudly smiling from above. Thank you Penny... for all that you do. Cooder helped me in more ways than I can ever convey and we are forever grateful that you brought him our way. We'll be in touch. Love, Rachel & Mark. (Click here for Cooder's story.)

Jan 26, 2000 - Feb 22, 2010
It is with saddened hearts that we share with you that Copper passed away from complications of Cushing's Disease and Diabetes on February 22, 2010. He died at the gentle hands of our vet with August (our other Vizsla), Bill, myself and Rylan surrounding him. Suddenly in the past week Copper stopped eating, stopped going for walks or really standing, and was in pain. With two diseases that were not stabilizing we made the decision to let him go. He was a sweet, loving, goofy dog who wanted nothing more than to be loved and love everyone back with a lick, a wag of the tail, and by shoving his head between your legs to get his neck scratched. We can not thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with Copper. He will be missed. (Click here for Copper's story.)

Jun 19, 2002 - Jan 16, 2010
I just wanted to let you know that Jake died yesterday. It was really peaceful- our vet was amazing. He died snuggled up with us and he was so relaxed. Yesterday he got to go on a golf cart ride and played in the creek. He had gotten progressively worse. His poor nose was cracked and he struggled with his breathing. He could not really go for walks as his breathing got labored quickly. He pretty much slept almost around the clock the last couple of weeks. He was by far the best dog that I have ever had as part of my family. Thank you for giving us the chance to be with him. Everyone who met him fell in love with him! Even our vet tech was crying yesterday because Jake had such a magnetic personality. (Click here for Jake's original story.)

2002 - Jan 4, 2010
We wish we could tell you that rescue was all great stories of dogs being saved and homes being found for all. That was not to be for Nana. We spent $1200 on medical care and were excited to see small tail wags and Nana jumping on the couch to sit with people and finally seeking out attention in small doses. Tonight Nana had a cluster of very bad grand mal seizures. She was not able to recover and after about an hour and we made the decision to let her sleep. Sometimes the best we can do is ensure they are in loving hands when their time comes.... and Nana was in the best there are with Daryl & Rebecca. (Click here for her original story.)

Aug 26, 1999 - Dec 22, 2009
Lily lost a long battle with bone cancer just days before Christmas. We are happy for many wonderful years she was able to share with Carol & Bill in beautiful British Columbia. (Click here for her original story.)

Fall 2001 - Dec 9, 2009
Streaker died unexpectedly this morning from an unknown cause. At barely 8 years old this is much too young but we are forever grateful for the time they chose to spend with us. (Click here for her original story.)

Oct 1996 - 2008 (Austin) & 2009 (Amber)
Amber & Austin lived out their lives in foster care and were well-loved by the Dowdells as well as playing host to many many foster vizslas on their journey of life. (Click here for their story.)

1997 - July 10, 2009
Cooper passed away at 13-yrs from bone cancer. This is one of those bittersweet stories that makes us both sad and happy. We are sad to lose Cooper but happy and grateful that he was able to have 9 wonderful years with people who loved him. Tom & Jacque wrote: We lost Cooper today to bone cancer at age 13. He was a wonderful dog. He had been favoring his right rear for a couple of weeks and it did not appear serious. He was doing his normal rounds of the fence line this morning and showed up on the patio with a broken leg. The x-ray showed a break below the hip joint and massive cancer running six inches further down the leg. He never let out a peep and went peacefully. (Click here for Cooper's story.)

Mar 1996 - Jul 2009
(Click here for Shadow's story.)

? - April 2009
Apr 2009, Angela wrote: Amiga is in her last days due to bone cancer that has spread through out her body. We decided to manage her pain, rather than do any radical treatments that might bye her only weeks. After all, she's somewhere between 12 and 16 years old and her body is showing the signs. She has had a great run...lived hard, been loved and well taken care off. But her body is breaking down and she has let us know she's almost done. We're taking her to the cabin this weekend for one more go-around and then we'll help ease her out of this body early next week. It's been a difficult decision to wrap our arms around - but we know what's right by her and we want to give her the dignity she deserves. I've cried more tears for this dog (and for me) then I can tell you. The nine years with her have been a blessing and I will miss her terribly. So will Allen, Reagan, Cognac and Quinn. Who will lead the pack now? (Click here for Amiga's story.)

2000 - Nov 3, 2008
We had to let Abby go tonight. When we went up to visit her today, it was with the intention of visiting, but it was clear she was too miserable to continue to fight. She was more alert today, but that meant she was also more aware of her condition, which appeared to be deteriorating. So there's a hole in our heart and in our house. The dogs as well as the cats and the two leggeds are all moping around and sad. We'll all get along, but it won't be the same without her. She was a truly gentle, loving and dignified spirit. (Click here for Abby's story.)

Feb 2001 - Nov 2008
In August Freddy lost a battle with lymphoma which came on suddenly and cut his life far too short at barely 6-1/2 yrs old. We never know how long they will stay but Freddy couldn't have been more loved in the short time he was here. (Click here for Freddy's story.)

2 April 1994 - 22 July 2008
No letters in front or behind her name but Maggie was a darn good hunter in her day and, because of her, 100 vizslas and 42 vizsla mixes or other pointers found new homes during her lifetime... and that was just the beginning. Maggie was our little gem. She was the best leader a foster dog could ever hope for and she helped many on their way to new lives. She bossed Annie around but most knew her as a benevolent leader... quick to walk in between and break it up if somebody got too rowdy. I remember when the huntin' dawg tainer told us with a somewhat sad smile that Maggie was "just a happy little dog" and we shouldn't expect too much from her in the field. We got all that and more.... but, oh how we wished we hadn't taught her to swim when we were fly fishing and the crank of the fly reel would make her leap into the water and swim through the best pools to lend a helping paw. Be proud of your title of "happy little dog"! Run fast, hunt hard and please don't pick on Annie too much when she finally joins you.

1999 - July 2008
Cayenne came into rescue at 9-yrs as a result of her family not being able to cope with her apparent separation anxiety. Increased fireworks activity leading up to the July 4th holiday wasn't helping and contributed to more destruction. With people she was wonderful and she was good with other dogs as well. Always ready to lend a paw, Mandie made arrangements to get Cayenne into foster care and with her doggie day care facility was able to manage Cayenne through the holiday. Unfortunately, Cayenne's future was cut short when she died unexplainably in her sleep shortly after the 4th of July. We will never know what caused her passing but there was no sign of distress so we can only assume it was simply the time she chose for herself... and perhaps she waited until she knew she was safe and in a good place. Run fast and keep those ears a flappin'!

January 16, 2004 - June 2008
Tragedy in the form of a terrible drowning accident took Lucy during a regular outing with Sandra & Riley. It is sad to lose a dog so full of life and we can only believe Lucy chose her time and place for reasons only she will ever know. Click here for Lucy's adoption story.

approx 1997 - June 2008
Molly was brought to an eastern WA shelter as a stray from a nearby town. As soon as we were able to make connections, Kathy & Bob Ruggeri went immediately to pick her up from the Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla. Unfortunately, she was sicker than anyone realized and despite taking her immediately to their vet, it was not meant to be.... or perhaps it was. It's possible "Molly" simply waited until she was safe with vizsla people to let go. We know Molly is grateful to Kathy & Bob for helping her on her final journey to The Bridge.

approx 1996 - June 9, 2008
Oscar passed over to The Bridge after nearly 6 years with a loving family. Thanks Cozette, for giving Oscar the best years of his life! Click here for Oscar's story.

July 1998 - May 21, 2008
Linda writes: I have been meaning to e-mail you for awhile. Sorry to say that Jack died on May 21st. He is missed terribly. I chose not to drag things out for Jack. He was still eating and doing his daily business. But his world was getting smaller and smaller. He went out several times a day, but for shorter periods. He was his sweet self till the very end. I was on vacation that week, and could not see returning to work and worrying about him at home. The dog walker came every day to take him on a short walk, and give him his pain medications. I spent almost every hour with him on his last few days. I have included some photos for you. Even though our time together was short, he is deep in my heart. Jack's story.

Feb 18, 1998 - April 2008
April 2008, Craig writes: Sad, sad time in the Young's' house. Our gentile giant Abe has moved across that rainbow. A wonderful family member, companion, entertainer, partner, and friend, he will be sorely missed. He had suffered with a hip problem for a few years and the vet could never quite pin down the problem. It seemed to come and go, but then this last year cancer took over. In his last days, he could barely move and at time had to be carried and even that would cause him pain. He was always surrounded in love and always gave back much more. The term "Velcro dog" more than applied, and no one minded. He still had that funny habit of wanting to walk between your legs once and a while just to make sure he was close enough. He was loved by everyone that ever met him but especially the grandkids. When one of the younger ones came over and asked where Abe was, we had to tell him that Abe was gone and when he realized what that meant, he went quietly into the front room and sobbed for an hour. We all have similar feeling. I remember when we got him, you said he was special, and oh how very special he was. What a personality, what fun and what memories. Like I said, he will be sorely missed, and never replaced. See Abe.

adopted December 2002 - August 2007
August 9 2007: I’m writing with another round of sad news from the canine world. Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Deeva broke out of a kennel in nearby Cedaredge during a thunderstorm and was struck and killed along the highway south of town. Julia pegged her a couple of years ago when she said Deeva was a good soul who inherited a difficult mind-body. Put another way, she was dealt a hard hand to play. But with some luck and help from a lot of humans along the way, she played it pretty well, reaching age ten with her spirit intact, missing only a few minor body parts, and having lived a full and active life. She was happiest when in motion, in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, last winter along the rivers of North Texas, and especially at home in the mountains of Colorado where her place was out in front of the equine/canine/human herd. A good run always ended with the "Deeva smile". She was complicated and could be difficult, and she worked her way into the hearts of everyone who knew her. It was all part of the package that was Deeva. We will miss the entire package. DeWitt & Julia (see Deeva's story)

May 10, 1994 - April 29, 2007
Laser's Rafer Legacy... little brother, Connor Quinn was with him to say his farewells to his best buddy and to comfort mom. Rafer had a hard road to travel prior to rescue. We found him living in a dirt floor kennel with a 50 gal metal drum as his dog house and eating food off the dirt that was as much feces as dirt and his water bucket green with slime. Rafer was truly one of the most homely dogs we ever met, he was sway backed, way over standard size, and a hound looking boy. But we loved him just the same. He was adopted by Roxane in OR and a year later she adopted Connor so that Rafer had a buddy. These boys were instant friends who slept on top of each other, played together, sat on mom's head together, and redecorated the house together a few times. Roxane provided them both a home they would have only dreamed of with daily runs at the park, working at farms with them along, dog sitting golden's and irish setters, and living life the Vizsla way. Rafer was just shy of his 13th birthday when he started to seem weak and not eat. On Sunday x-rays showed a large mass in his abdomen. His mom wanted him to go with dignity and said goodbye to him with him in her arms and with Connor at her side. Goodbye sweet Rafer and we will order up lamb chops at Rainbow Bridge for you. Read Rafer's story at Rafer and remember him always as the distinguished gentleman of the dog park with his signature stately swagger... or was that a turtle trot??? .

Spring 2006 - March 2007
Penny Lane's time with Emily & Galen was cut short when, despite all efforts, she finally gave in to the odds stacked against her. When she failed to thrive after recovery from the parvo it was discovered she had a rare pre-existing condition called Myasthenia Gravis (similar to muscular dystrophy) that prevented her from growing into the energetic puppy she should have been. Medication helped but, in the end, she finally let those who loved her know it was time to let her go and perhaps let her start over again. No puppy could have been more loved or more wanted but it wasn't meant to be. Galen writes: For myself I will remember Penny Lane's courage and determination. I will remember her legs and tail, too long for her frail body, that gave her an appearance both comical and endearing. I will remember her baying howl that rang through the streets of our subdivision; music to my neighbors' ears, I'm sure. I will remember her velvety ears that framed a face as lovely as any I've seen. I will remember the pressure her body exerted on my legs and those of my wife as she took up her position between us at bedtime. I will remember holding her in my lap as I went through the day's email and poked through Wikipedia. Most of all I will remember that if I live a righteous life, she will be waiting for me at the end of the line. Goodbye for now Penny Lane, I love you. (Penny Lane)

2005 - Mar 2007
Ashley was owner turned-in to a Utah shelter because of a family move. She spent a month playing and entertaining the staff and dogs at Ellie's Pet Hotel where she was loved and adored by all. Once in foster care however we discovered she had serious leash aggression toward many people and situations. We will remember her without the leash... a friendly, outgoing, body-slamming goofball who just knew every dog in the whole world loved her as much as she loved them and she was not happy unless she was sitting on or touching another dog. Play hard, sweet Ashley.... we know you will! May your room at the Bridge be filled with lots of friendly dogs for you to lay upon and snuggle with.

Dec 1997 - Feb 2007
Pam writes in June 2011: It has been over 3 years since we lost him and it still hurts. Zeke came to us in September of 2006. In November of 2006 he tested and passed the AKC CGC and Therapy Dog International test. He still was not using the leg that rescue had repaired his ACL before he came to us. I was so excited that we were going to be able start visiting patients in the hospital. Since he still had a pronounced limp I thought that would be a good way for patients to relate to him. In January of 2007, he was still not using that leg and had been fussing like he was in pain mostly at night. I took him to my vet and he checked knee and could not find anything wrong with it. I thought maybe he has hip issues since he was 9 years old. We did a hip xray and there was a mass showing up on his leg bone just below the hip. It turned out to be osteosarcoma. We had to let him go in February 2007 just 5 months after he came to live with us. His last day with me all he did was cry for me to sit on the couch beside him for comfort. He knew he was loved alot in that short time he was with us. We adored him. He walked in our house and it was like he had always been there. He loved car rides and sat in the drivers seat when I went into a store. People laughed when they saw him sitting waiting. (Click here for Zeke's original story.)

2003 (adopted) - Dec 28 2006
Dewitt writes: It is with a very sad heart that I write to let everyone know that Dinky died unexpectedly early yesterday morning after manifesting symptoms of a bacterial infection on Wednesday. Dinky’s job description when he came to Paonia a little over three years ago was to help manage Deeva but it soon became apparent that his real job in the world was simply having fun. Life was a grand adventure and fun was just around the corner every moment of every day. There was nothing more exciting than getting into the truck to go somewhere, except getting into the truck after going somewhere to return home. He’d start barking as we’d climb the hill coming up out of town because home, and usually dinner, was a mere two minutes away. Every new person was a potential friend, every new dog a potential play mate. There wasn’t a mean bone in his body and the only time he got upset was when those around him were so. He was thirteen by the calendar, younger biologically, and much younger still in spirit. Only towards the end of this past summer did he start to show a little age after several days in the mountains behind the horses. Dinky’s dharma was bringing joy into the world around him and he fulfilled it in spades. There is an empty pad today on the living room floor and an energy vacuum without measure. We’re grateful that he came into our lives and are thankful that he did the same with each of you, however fleeting. (Dink)

Jan 2000 - Dec 2006
I will miss you my friend. You have been a joy. A blessing. A true friend. No matter what paths this life leads us down you will always be in my heart and mind. I thank you for your time and your love. Thank you for choosing me to be in your life. I have never had a pup that had so much heart and love to give to others. I am sorry for your sickness but know in your heart that I love you and will always love you. My friend, My buddy, MY LITTLE MAN! I promise I will see you again and together we will be in the end. I will never forget my little blue eye pup. I will never let your memory die. You have given me more in the short time you have been with me than I could have ever ask for. You have showed me compassion,love,understanding. But most of all you have taught me the true meaning of "BEST FRIEND"... I love you!
Lord, Please watch over my little man until we can be together again. He will love you, He will protect you. He IS a true friend. Please let him know that I loved him with all my heart and that we will be together again. Amen. (Tazz)

Oct 1999 - Nov 2006
Lady Jane died last week. We are still in shock as our whole family loved her very much and looked forward to many more years of friendship. Lady Jane got up to go out and collpsed and died. Lady had been a little lacking in energy for the past few months but was checked out by the Vet in August....in his words "she is in beautiful shape". We had 4 1/2 wonderful years with her. Lots of bike rides, car rides, hiking and swimming. She was always gentle and loving and a real personality. She never lost her love of countersurfing and bed hopping....quite the character really. Thanks for connecting us with such a perfect companion. She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.

Dec 2004 - Oct 2006
Stretch came to us as "Miko" from his third home, an angry and confused adolescent dog. He was born 12/2004 to a breeder in Kuna ID, was sold to someone when he was about 6 months old and then again a few months later when he proved to have too much energy for the golden retrievers there. The humans in his third home loved him very much, took him to obedience school and doggie day care but the damage had been done long before he came to them. Our first step was to change his name from "Miko" (after the Hungarian ruler and much too big a name for him to live up to) to Stretch. Stretch suited him and was a perfect expression of him running after a ball, stick or diving into a lake. He did everything with enthusiasm but his lack of confidence and anxiety with new people and situations was more than he could manage. As with Tucker, sometimes love is not enough to fix what can't be fixed. His foster family adored him and tried their best to turn him around but in the end helping him on his way was the kindest thing. We are certain a puppy was born in October with more confidence to face the world because of the lessons Stretch learned in this life. For now though, if you're walking on a lake shore or stream and have the urge to pick up a stick and throw it, do it because Stretch could there by your side just waiting for the chance to bring it back to you!

Sir Sandford was my handsome prince. He was named after a soaring mountain in British Columbia, Canada. In my mind's eye I can still see him jumping through fields, snapping like a rubber band. Sandford was my faithful companion who always seemed to know what I was feeling. His father was Cherokee's Dakota FC, and his mother Wildfire Maggie. Perhaps his lineage is carried forward in another field champion, but tragically he died during a minor tooth repair when he was 3.5 years old. Sandford is always in my heart along with my present Vizsla girl Tatra. I want my donation to Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue to help other dogs that are not in loving homes. How I wish Sandford were here with me and I hope Vizslas placed with the help of my donation are as loved as Sandford when they too pass over Rainbow Bridge.

2001 (adopted) - February 2006
Cody passed away in early 2006 due to complications of Cushings disease. He was a big lovable goofball whose life was cut short but never lacked for love. Cody will be missed by Vicki & Morgan and his V sister Molly.

2001 (adopted) - October 2005
In March of 2001 we adopted Buddy. The sweetest dog ever. The moment we brought home our first son, Buddy loved him, and they were great friends. In 2005 Buddy developed cancer and even after several tumor removals we could not win the battle and Buddy went to doggie-heaven in October of 2005. He is greatly missed and we hope that we can add another sweet dog to our family.

1999 (adopted) - 2005
Jeep passed away in 2005 in the loving arms of her family. She developed multiple health problems and it was most kind to allow her to cross to the other side. Jeep was a full part of the family and many a Christmas card photo and letter included her adventures. Jeep will be missed by all and we thank the Lyon's family for being her protector for these many years.

1997 - August 2005
I am very sad to report that Elsa passed away last week. She passed away in her sleep, safely at home on her bed. Although I am heartbroken, I am glad that she did not suffer for a long time from the effects of the liver disease. I’m happy that she passed away so peacefully (she deserved that). Carol

1999 - August 2005
Ida Red has passed on, and we feel blessed to have had her. We know we'll feel her as a protective spirit here in the future. The last few weeks were very difficult for her. We have been working with Mary, an animal communicator, since she was diagnosed with cancer in April (we have worked with her with Ida, Bailey & Sara before as well). Mary helped us to understand that Ida knew her circumstances and really wanted to try to leave on her own. But Ida also knew she had her limits, and she hit those limits this week. Don & I were both with her when she passed late yesterday afternoon. Ida Red was a happy dog - to the end. As with Sammy & Sara, Ida's ashes will also be committed down by the pond / temple area. Remember Ida Red in a prayer, she'll remember you.

November 19, 1997 - March 10, 2005
We received news this month that Jesse passed away from a cancerous tumor. At just 7-1/2 yrs old he was much too young and we thank Rita & Rick for giving him a chance at a normal life. Read Jesse's story at CO-WY Vizsla Rescue

June 21, 1993 - March 1, 2005
Jason writes: We are saddened to report that Newton has lost his long battle with cancer. He came into our lives April of 2000 with some special needs. Through much loving and care, most of his issues were conquered. He loved to hunt for Jason, and loved attention from Wendy. We were both happy that we could provide a loving home for his last few years. Though it seemed like a brief stay, he left an impression in our hearts that will last a lifetime. We would like to thank the Vizsla Rescue Society for giving us this opportunity, and everything they have done. You will be sorely missed old friend.

February 2005
Gretchen was adopted in April 2002 and was 8 or 9 years old at the time. The Heger clan welcomed her and she fit right into the family as any "grand dame" Vizsla does. Gretchen lived well and touched everyone who knew her. We will meet you at the Bridge where you will be the beauty that we know your soul was.

June 2002 - January 2005
It seems that our hearts will not mend anytime soon as this tragic year continues. We got word on January 27 that Huck was hit and killed by a car. He was let out of the yard to go down the street to play with his doggie friend and on the way home, instead of coming directly back as was his routine, he darted into traffic. Huck's family misses him terribly. (In the hope that it might prevent such a tragedy happening to another family we are including this article here: Trust... a Deadly Disease)

January 2002 - January 2005
JJ joined the thousands of other dogs at the bridge who died as a result of getting hit by a car. JJ had a rough start, a family who gave him up, two failed adoptive homes and then finally a plane ride to South Dakota. The Brockhouse family loved him and yet the lack of a fenced yard, coupled with a new sister Vizsla to follow around, proved fatal for JJ. He went out to potty early one morning and never returned home. He followed his new pal off the property and down to the highway. She returned home but he did not. We are broken hearted. (In the hope that it might prevent such a tragedy happening to another family we are including this article here: Trust... a Deadly Disease)

December 2004
With the help of his humans, dear Cocoa Bear was eased peacefully and respectfully to the rainbow bridge on December 20, 2004. He lived the past few years how he died; safe, well cared for and in a pack that loved him. He was truly the most ‘eloquent and regal dog we have ever known and an absolute joy to be around.’ At 14 years of age, he garnered a certain respect and was the silent leader of all our animals.

Mr. Bear, we will never forget your sweet disposition, your old and wise soul, those great big tongue kisses or the way you carried around your blanket looking for a place to snuggle. You will not soon be forgotten, old boy. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Everyone should be so blessed to have a dog like Cocoa in their lives. Do yourself a favor, take a chance and adopt a senior dog. It is unlike any other experience you will ever have.

April 10, 2003 - December 11, 2004
Riley was a larger than life 12-week old puppy, trapped in a 20-month old body. He was sweet and funny and found everything about the world fascinating, until the next thing caught his attention seconds later.

Riley was a pet store pup and had his first seizure at 11-months. During the next months, he had multiple extended stays at vet hospitals while they tried to adjust his medication to control his frequent seizures. Riley’s original family eventually ended up bringing him to a shelter. He went from one shelter to another after being adopted and returned after experiencing severe seizures, which left him hospitalized for weeks. In October, we contacted the shelter and arranged to take him into rescue.

Riley’s violent seizures left him with permanent brain damage. He crossed peacefully to the Bridge on December 11, surrounded by people who loved him. He was with us just long enough to take a large piece of our hearts. We will never forget you RiRi.

October 2004
On Saturday, October 9, Arnie aka Sparky passed over to Rainbow Bridge in the arms of Rebecca and Daryl. He was loved by Mike who said he was the best buddy a guy could want, and doted on by Mike's mom. The dog that we honor was a loving cuddly boy who loved to run off leash, go camping, sit in your lap and play with other dogs. He adored men and was one of the boys -- he was a guy's dog in all respects. Arnie loved to chase a ball, ride in the car and be with his people. Arnie faced increasingly erratic and aggressive behavior. The "Sparky" that Mike adopted was not the same dog who came back home to Auntie Reb and Uncle Daryl last month. We are so sorry that he injured Mike's mom and we hope she can forgive him. We will miss him, love him, and always remember the best of him.

1992 - Aug 2004

Words can not convey the hurt that struck so suddenly last week. Boris (Big B) was a good dog that wanted to show, in a way only a dog could, that unconditional devotion to us. To the end he was a trooper and will always be missed.
Mike and Susie Kramer
Boris' story

June 2004

UT/ID rescue and the Clark family in specific said farewell to Saber on July 4, 2005 -- it was his independence day. Saber came into rescue 3 years ago and had several owners prior to us taking him in from a shelter. Saber as his foster mom recalls, had all the best qualities of a V. He was affectionate, beautiful, happy, desired to please, loved to hunt, and was as goofy as they come. But Saber also had a streak of fierce in him that was unstable. It had only scared humans but this day he caused serious harm to another animal and we knew it was time to let him sleep in peace. Whether he was ruined by previous owners or had a genetic defect we will never know. He was loved well and spent the happiest times of his life this past 3 years with the Clark family. They will remember his beauty, his runs in the woods, his leaning into them for rubs, and his open love. We cry for the V he could have been and for our loss of a wonderful Vizsla soul.

1998 - June 2004

Chris and Holly were sad to report the sudden passing of Red in June of 2004. Red came into their lives only a short time ago as a rescue that needed to be re-homed due to divorce. Red moved right in and took over playing chase with Holly and being a bed hog. When Chris met Red in Las Vegas he took over the whole back seat of her Mini Cooper and he likewise took over her heart. Red passed peacefully in his sleep from an unknown cause. He simply fell asleep and did not wake up. He leaves a large hole in the hearts of those who loved him and passed at a much too early age of about six years old.

June 2004

Janet and Shasta were sad to report the passing of Roxy in June of 2004. Roxy came into rescue as a senior dog but got to spend her last few years in the arms of a woman who loves and understands Vizsla. Roxy spent many happy hours in the great outdoors, hiking in the mountains and being loved by an extended family. She passed as a happy, happy dog - more happy than she had been in her whole life. She passes the torch and leaves her legacy to carry-on, to Shasta, who is also a rescue Vizsla who is loved and guarded by Janet.

Fall 2001 - April 2004

Gino and Carey were devastated to report the passing of Dakota in April of 2004. Dakota was adopted as a rescue puppy and was shy of her third birthday when tragedy struck. Gino reports that they took her into the vet when she became listless and her eyes did not look right. Teams of vets worked to save her but in the end she passed away after only about 4 days in the hospital. They think it was some sort of meningitis that took her life but don't really know. She leaves behind a very sad baby sister Vizsla in Daisy and a family who wants her back to fill their hearts.

October 1992 - April 2004

Murphy became suddenly ill this weekend and passed away with her family at her side. It is a sad day in AZ to have lost her only after 3 months of loving her and her silly ways. Murphy made herself right at home and loved to play with her human and doggie family. Her foster family in UT, the Clark's, will always smile as they remember her dance for food and her wonderful smiling grace.

Spring 2002 - September 2003

Griffin came into rescue after being found as a stray in Phoenix. We guessed he was approximately 6 months old. He was adopted by a wonderful family in Flagstaff who loved his silly personality. They also liked that he was the most effective alarm clock and training partner they ever had... he never missed a morning run in the woods! Just before his first birthday, Griffin started having seizures. Treatment seemed to help for a while, but unfortunately the last and final seizure damaged his brain beyond repair. Enjoy the woods at the bridge little Griffin.

1989? 90? - August 1, 2003

This might seem like an odd sort of photo for a memorial page, but this was Cadbury at his finest - dressed up in some funny clothes and making people smile. I kept postponing putting his memorial on here - one reason was that it was yet another reminder that he was really gone, and another reason was that I am at a loss for words when it came to describing to those who never knew him how truly special he was. For those of you who did know him, well, I don't need to explain. I opened my heart up to him in a way that I never had before - the love I had for him was wholehearted and never with reservation. Until he came into my life, I never knew what it felt like to have your heart swell with joy, just as until he left my life I never knew what it was like to feel such pain. Someone who once called him "the Dalai Lama of dogs" said that no doubt he had some other things he had to go do. Some day I will as well and hope that you will be there to greet me. Until then, Cadbury, know that my love for you will never wane.

November 24, 1996 - June 18, 2003

Hector, in his 6 1/2 years of vibrant life on this earth, was my constant companion and so much more to me. He made me laugh heartily at least once a day, and had a wonderful sense of humor that included a greeting bark and a circle through the legs. He had a unique bag of tricks, and wanted only to please me. He was exuberant, stunningly beautiful, endlessly loving, and the biggest mama's boy anyone has ever seen. He only had eyes for me, and I for him. He brought indescribable joy into my life, and his death has brought a devastation I could hardly dream was possible. I know that the pain will lessen in time, and when it does I will surely find myself another little Vizsla to renew the joy that Hector bestowed upon me in his short, intense, and unforgettable life with me. Hector, I will love you for eternity and I will miss you even more. You are my sunshine.

[In memory of Hector, friends of the family have made a donation to the Vizsla Rescue Fund to help other Vizsla find loving homes.]

June 2003:
LOGAN (adopted 2002) was purchased as a puppy from a pet store and came into rescue at under 1-yr old. Except for poor conformation and being a high-energy puppy he seemed to have no real issues. After a time in his adoptive home he began showing signs of aggression and was eventually returned to foster care where his problems continued to escalate. In June, the painful decision was made to release him from this world that made him so unhappy and he joined the others at the Bridge. Play hard, be happy little Logan.

Feb 2003: Whelped in Idaho, ROOTIN TOOTIN BIGFOOT TUCKER crossed our path when we got a call in December 2002. He was purchased from an ad in the newspaper when he was 6-mos old. The couple selling him lived in apartment, had a young baby and said he was just too much dog for them. Tucker had every opportunity to succeed in his new home with a 2-yr old weimie for a playmate and an experienced family that cared enough to look for ways to make him the best dog he could be, but sometimes no amount of love or effort can fix what can't be fixed. He had dominance issues from the beginning but 99% of the time he was a typical, loving vizsla and his family explored every avenue for him. After several serious bites and numerous consultations with trainers, vets and rescue workers the decision was made to release Tucker from the demons that haunted him. He had just turned 1-yr old.

Tucker's AKC pedigree might have been a clue to what lay ahead as there was considerable inbreeding throughout. We will never know for sure if it was in the genes but after we met Tucker, we learned that a female littermate had also been pts for aggression. We can only hope these two were the exception and that the other littermates are doing well. Tucker, take care of your sis at The Bridge... play hard, run fast and be happy.

Jan 2003: ACE (adopted 1/01) joined the others at The Bridge this month. Ace was given up at the age of 13 by his owner and found his way from Montana to Wyoming with the help of many caring hands. Thank you Susan & Mike for making his final years comfortable and loving.

Jan 2003: VERN came to us just before Christmas 2002 from a Vernal, UT shelter. He was an approximately 9-mo old boy and had spent 2 months at the shelter and went on 2 home trials. Both times he was returned as too energetic but we found him to be mid level energy for the Vizsla, 90 mph not 150. Vern was housetrained while in foster care. We knew there was a probability that he might have seizures due to the report from the shelter that they thought they witnessed one but his blood work showed no physical problems and he checked out as a healthy young pup.

On January 6th at 6:30 our precious rescue foster Vern had a massive seizure. When he did not recover in about 15 minutes we dashed off to the vet for help. An hour after the seizure he was still in a coma with little chance for recovery. At 7:45 we said goodbye to him. As hard as this was for me personally to have to experience again, Vern had a wonderful family waiting to adopt him this weekend up in Seattle. I am crushed for them and their daughter who had picked a new name for him. Brokenhearted in Utah.

April 2002: ABBY (adopted 7/00) left us this spring. Thank you, Laura, for letting this precious girl spend the best two years of her life with you and Bu, running and playing in the Nevada sunshine. We will look for her sassy, smiling face when we all meet again one day at The Bridge.

TANNER (adopted 8/00) joined the others at The Bridge as the result of a vehicle accident. We try our best to keep them safe but sometimes bad things happen. Life is full of lessons- some harder than others- and we hope we learn from every one of them. Run fast and safe, sweet Tanner.

ROMEO (5/96-4/97) and DAMIAN (10/95-4/00) were not rescue dogs but the Dowdell's first two vizsla. Unfortunately they taught a hard lesson about backyard breeders. Both Romeo and Damian died of epileptic seizures. Damian was our "heart" dog and he started us in the rescue business by our not being able to understand how anyone could give away a free dog in the paper. Talus was the first "free to a good home" rescue and Cadbury was the second via an Idaho shelter. Cadbury made such an impression that we gained wonderful rescue partners in ID in Penny & Frank. We have made many friends in our journey and will be most anxious to meet our first two babies at the bridge, along with throngs of our foster dogs.