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Even though saving Vizslas is a labor of love, unfortunately love doesn't pay for dog food and vet bills.

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Much can be done to support your local rescue efforts, even if you cannot foster dogs. Here is a list of things to look over and offer to your local group.

Buy items from auctions that benefit rescue. Donate a calendar, puzzle, quilt or other V related items to a group that can sell it so that the proceeds go toward rescue.

Help the local group create a call list of local shelters. You need to get a contact name, ask about their policies on dogs such as how long they hold them, and ask whether they work with rescue groups. You may have organizations that they do not know about. Get your name or the local rescue person's name on the list. If they do not work with groups just keep calling every week. Send them a letter and a good photo of a Vizsla; full body shot, tail showing etc. so they know what to look for.

Shop thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for blankets (not electric) that can be used for bedding. Any size blanket, baby to king works and they can be cut down to size and hemmed. Look for collars, leashes and the large or XL crates.

Buy an extra can or bag of food, treats, or a toy every time you buy for your dogs and store up a bag of goodies for rescue.

Offer to help drive a dog to it's new home. A few hours of driving makes a big difference. If you are going on a vacation to another state contact the rescue groups between states to see if they need a dog transported. A list of coordinators can be found on the Vizsla Club of America website at http://vcaweb.org/rescue/contacts.html.

Take a rescue dog on a socialization outing. Go to the pet store, to the park, to the vet, or to play in your yard for a few hours and give the foster folks a breather.

If you are a breeder donate $10 per puppy to a rescue group and make sure you use a contract that gives the buyer the incentive to contact you if they cannot keep the dog. Or take an amount of the purchase price and ask buyers to write a check to the rescue group of your choice.

When at dog shows, state fairs, craft fairs (even outside your area), look for rescue group booths. Ask if they have a local contact for Vizsla rescue. If they don't or don't know if they do, take their information and forward it to Vizsla rescue and find then send Vizsla rescue info to the group.

Pick an amount of money ($1, 5, 10, you get the idea) and make a monthly donation to the rescue group of your choice. Most include a PayPal link to make it very easy!

Send a donation to a rescue group for special occasions in your life or that of your dogs, cats, etc. (birthday, wedding anniversary, show/hunt wins).