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Am I cute or what? (Jan 2005) See, I really DO know how to wag my tail!

Happy discovers toys .... and play time!

now tell me... who is cuter... ME or this silly vizsla?

Happy... still happy in Dec 2006

Happy & Ari at Lake Lowell - Jan 2007

Happy with pal Samson goin' campin'... Happy & Ari (July 2007)

Happy saves his mom from drowning... many times! (July 2007)

Happy goes 4-wheeling .... Happy's booster seat (Sep 2007)

Happy & cousin Licorice .... just Happy (Sep 2007)

Happy hiking above Riggins ID - Dec 2007

Happy & cousin Licorice enjoying their Christmas stuff! Happy New Year from Happy! (Jan 2008)

Merry Christmas from Happy (Dec 2008)

Happy navigates the scary stairs... into Hells Canyon (May 2009)

whew! safety at the bottom of the stairs... whose trail is this really?

Happy adores his new doggy daddy... (Aug 2009)

Hapster & Ari cruising around the subdivision before taking off for vacation (Jul 2010)

Happy & Ari in the Owyhees (Mar 2013)

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