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ROSIE - Adopted
Jan 2021: Rosie turned 1 yr old in December. She reportedly spent a lot of her life in a crate since 12 weeks old. At some point in her early puppy life she experienced a skull fracture and brain injury and didn't receive medical treatment. (CT scan when she came into rescue confirmed the injury and cause of her neurological problems.) Effects of this relate to clumsiness, close up vision and depth perception difficulties, some sound sensitivities that make her feel uneasy sometimes. Her back legs have improved in strength and mobility since she has been in foster care but she still has some deficits there making traversing staircases hazardous for her. She's great with people and dogs and good off leash. Because of her vision and balance difficulties she can sometimes trip people up, run into things and fall. Rosie also needs work on bite inhibition as she doesn’t appear to have learned this much in puppyhood. When she starts baby shark biting people we are working on redirecting her to bite on toys, bones or other dog related objects. Because of bite inhibition issues and vision difficulties she doesn't take treats nicely and can clamp down very hard and sometimes have a sustained hold of your hand in her efforts. Food guarding at feeding time is also an issue that needs to be managed. Her foster home has navigated this with her to avoid this behavior and we have some videos to show how she does. Rosie does great crating and sleeps in one at night which is her preference when given other options. Wire crates are not a good choice for Rosie due to her vision and mobility struggles. Rosie is currently taking inexpensive medications every 8-10hrs: trazodone and gabapentin. Working with a veterinarian the adopter can determine future needs of these meds. She has not been spayed yet and we will coordinate with her new home to take care of that when the time is right. (Rosie is in Bozeman MT) More photos here.

Feb 2021: Rosie is in long term foster care in Boise ID. Her foster mom is working closely with vets and trainers to come up with a plan to strenthen her weak areas and help her become the dog she can be. She is able to go to daycare for short periods and continues to learn about her new world. Rosie's sweet spirit continues to give us all hope.

Oct 2021: Rosie's foster mom reports she is doing well and making progress with mobility and resource guarding. The important thing is she is happy, loved and Mandie loves her to pieces! We hope to have new videos and progress reports for you soon. She has made huge improvements since the original videos from last summer when she first came to us.

For more information contact Penny at pfenton3@aol.com. Click here to fill out an application online.


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