Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue

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Utah-Idaho Vizsla Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)(3) rescue organization serving Utah and Idaho and often OR, WA & MT. We are an innovative volunteer group dedicated to the success of the Vizsla breed. Our mission is to unite Vizsla in need with homes that are equally in need of the special "velcro" bond of a Vizsla. We foster dogs from shelters or those released by owners. All dogs live in our homes and receive necessary medical care, are neutered, up to date on shots, assessed for behavior and placement needs, and micro-chipped prior to placement. A comprehensive adoption prescreening and breed education occurs for every prospective Vizsla owner in our program to ensure the adopting family is set up for success as well as the right match prior to placement. And, once in our program, no dog will ever be homeless, as they will always find safe haven within our network of foster homes. We work collaboratively with local (and national when appropriate) humane organizations, shelters, and community organizations to create a safe and stable world for our pets.

Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue came into existence in November of 1997, coordinated by Rebecca and Daryl Dowdell in Salt Lake City UT. In 2014 we incorporated and received 501(c)(3) charitable status with the Internal Revenue Status.

As of January 2014 we have placed over 500 dogs, mostly purebred vizsla with the occasional other "bird dog", redbone coonhound or vizsla mix into new homes. The dogs come from shelters or owners who, for whatever reason, can no longer keep their dog. Every effort is made to ensure their next home will be the right one and, once in our program, no dog will ever be homeless as they will always find safe haven within our network of foster homes. If you would like to read more about the dogs we have placed, go to our Success stories.

For Utah, please call Rebecca at 801.209.1020 (c), or send email to rebel@utahvizsla.org.

For Idaho, contact Penny Fenton in Boise by calling 208.343.6620 (h) or 208.859.5698 (c), or send email to pfenton@utahvizsla.org.