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Welcome to the Utah-Idaho Vizsla Rescue web site. We are a 501(c)(3) rescue organization serving Utah and Idaho a well as Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Montana. Donations are tax deductible. Whether your heart lies with the older hard to place dogs or those special "heart" dogs that have passed too soon, know that all funds donated go directly to the medical, housing and transportation needs of the dogs. We are an all-volunteer organization and each dog lives in a foster home until placed.

Please feel free to look around by clicking on any of the links above. About Us will provide more information about who we are and what we do. You can look at Dogs Up For Adoption to see who needs a good home right now. To read some wonderful stories visit Success Stories. Check out Links for more about Vizslas or rescue dogs in general.

Thank you to the participants and supporters of the 2nd Annual Valley of the Sun Vizsla Rescue Golf Shootout in April 2023! If you missed it you're in luck because we're making plans for another April 2024.

Frank's dogs

On November 3rd, 2009 the UT/ID rescue team changed forever when Frank Sherman passed away peacefully. Frank was the much loved husband of Penny Fenton and a dedicated advocate for any dog that came into the rescue program.

Frank came across as a tough old soul on the outside but anyone who met him knew he had a heart of gold. Frank often said dogs were 'unadoptable' but he never really believed that. The dogs just weren't adoptable by anyone but Frank & Penny. He took the dogs camping, fishing and for long runs in the fields. He and Penny could be found driving long distances on many weekends taking Vizslas and any other dogs/cats/critters that needed rides to foster or forever homes. Frank always said Penny did rescue, not him, but we knew better. Penny rescued the dogs while Frank rescued their souls.

Sir Sandford with the stars

Sir Sandford was my handsome prince. He was named after a soaring mountain in British Columbia, Canada. In my mind's eye I can still see him jumping through fields, snapping like a rubber band. Sandford was my faithful companion who always seemed to know what I was feeling. His father was Cherokee's Dakota FC, and his mother Wildfire Maggie. Perhaps his lineage is carried forward in another field champion, but tragically he died during a minor tooth repair when he was 3.5 years old. Sandford is always in my heart along with my present Vizsla girl Tatra. I want my donation to Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue to help other dogs that are not in loving homes. How I wish Sandford were here with me and I hope Vizslas placed with the help of my donation are as loved as Sandford when they too pass over Rainbow Bridge.
Sandra Althaus, 2006

Donations can also be mailed to:
UT-ID Vizsla Rescue, Inc.
1418 E Franklin St.
Boise ID 83712

For more information not covered on this site, please email rebel@utahvizsla.org

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