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Sadie - Jan 2005 ... braver with the camera by Feb 2005

first of many smooches (Feb 2005)

Sadie goes to work... ... and meets new friends

Spring Break 2005 with the kids... Sadie's two-headed handler

Sadie visits the east coast ... nice tail carriage, Ms Sadie!

summer vacation with the boys - 2006 Sadie loves the beach!

handsome, healthy... and happy - summer 2006

Dec 2006 - Bas has a chat with Santa at Ellie's Pet Hotel over Christmas...

... and look what happened in January! Bas checks out his new neighborhood...

Bas & Sadie resting up... ... for more play time in the snow!

Sadie (left) & Bas - Feb 2007

Sadie & Henry romp in snow (Nov 2010) Sadie (Nov 2010)

Sadie, Hurley & V sister Ruby (Dec 2016)

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