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RUSTY - 12 yrs

Rusty b.11/26/2000

Rusty meets Zoe - Jan 7, 2013 and discovers the Bowser bed (Jan 7, 2013)

Rusty lap napping... Jan 22, 2013 Rusty in charge! lovin' the sun & snow - Jan 29, 2013

Rusty healing well after surgery... Jan 29, 2013

Rusty video - "I've Been Waitin' On You" (Jan 2013)

be my valentine (Feb 2013) spa day for Rusty in his new home (May 2013)

Rusty loves having vizsla brother, Trout, to hang with bedtime stories...

Rusty's in good hands more hangin' out with Trout

you okay there, Rusty?

Rusty assists Trout with the hunt (Nov 2013) Rusty's first bird (Nov 2013)

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