Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue

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Carlene with pup, Cactus Jack Ruger checkin' out the equipment

stayin' warm in Montana Ruger at 5-mos old

Ruger - Christmas 2006 Ruger's new cave bed

Ruger (Aug 2008) hunting break

Carlene with Ruger, Joy & Freezy (Nov 2009) hunting (Nov 2009)

Freezy, Pat, Ruger & Joy (Nov 2009) Ruggie with Carlene (Dec 2009)

Ruger, Freezy & Joy

Ruger (Sep 2010) new bed for Christmas (Dec 2010)

Ruger warming up (Dec 2010) Ruger (Dec 2010)

Ruger, Freezy & Pat w/swan (Nov 2010) Ruger, walk for Joy (Dec 5, 2010)

Ruggie's new Christmas bed (Dec 2012)

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