Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue

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Max & Rina (Aug 2011) Max

Max Max gets belly rubs at Penny's office

hrrrooooo... silly Max there must be a home for me out here somewhere (Oct 2011)

Max relaxes with tweetie bird (Nov 5, 2011)

Max just relaxin' (Nov 6, 2011) Max & a dozen of his closest pals at the Downtown Hound (May 2012)

Max hikin' in the Idaho desert (May 2012) a vizsla isn't happy unless... his ears are catchin' some air

handsome Max (May 13, 2012)

Eddy, Max, Zoe & Bodie (May 2012)

classic Max pose ... more classic

Max with Zoe & Eddy Max & his little buddy, Ed (5/2012)

Max dining at Lucky 13 in Boise ID (Jun 2012) Max just lookin' for love at the Downtown Hound (Jun 22 2012)

Max hangin' out on the new cot (Jun 24 2012)

Max with Robert... yeay I'm home! (Jul 2012) rain day in western Washington with Jenny (Oct 2012)

Max - May 2015 Max's Radio Flyer

classic Max... Max & Jenny (2019)

Max A. Million (2019)

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