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goin' home to foster care - Jun 2009 Kona

once in a while she sleeps

... sometimes with Nesta dad, she's crowding me!

back to rockin' & rollin' beggin' buddies

honestly, who has cuter ears here... me or Zoe? ... party on girls!

Kona & friends cool off on a hot hiking day (Jul 17, 2009) aaaah, sunbeams through the window

Kona works on her couch technique Kona & friends (Jul 2009)

Ms Trouble.... (Aug 3, 2009) Zoe & Kona (right)

Kona, Zoe, Rossi & Ella (Aug 2009)

c'mon in Rossi, the water's fine! (Aug 2009) Kona with pal, Rossi (Aug 2009)

Kona spends a week with auntie Penny (Aug 2009) Kona growing up... Aug 2009

Kona with Rossi (Aug 2009) Kona with Ella (Aug 2009)

Kona meets her new family... (Aug 2009)

busy homecoming for Kona bean....

Kona with her new sister (Sep 2009) the duck survives... barely

Kona is growing up (Sep 2009)

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