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Fiona - Sept 2006

Fiona & Lily - Sept 2006

Sept 21, 2006

Fiona with baby Cole - April 2008

Fiona returns to foster care and... goes on squirrel patrol! (Oct 2009)

Fiona (right) with pals Eddy & Zoe (Jan 2010)

Fiona (Feb 2010)

Fiona visits Bozeman in Feb 2010

... and meets Wylie the play master! (Feb 2010)

nothing elegant about Princess Fifi... but she sure is a happy girl! (Mar 2010)

June 2010 Fiona considers making piece with the foster cat (Jun 2010)

summer snowfield in the high mountains (Jul 2010) Fiona's supervises a tire change (Jul 2010)

Fiona goes backpacking in the mountains near Tahoe (Aug 2010)

new winter coat Fiona's first winter in Reno (Dec 2010) running on the crusty late winter snow (Feb 2011)

Fiona & David on one of their many adventures (circa Summer 2013)

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