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Axel meet & greet (Jan 2009)

Axel knows who his friends are... is this the door I go out to potty?

getting comfy... who me?

Axel (right) & Zoe (Feb 2009)

Axel & Zoe again Axel with Annie

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Feb 6, 2009)

Bailey & Bella (Mar 2009) Bailey showing off his new family in March

Bailey's first camping trip with family & friends (July 2009)

Bella relaxing (Apr 2011) Bailey & Molly doin' the party dance... Apr 2011

Bailey is definitely grandpa's lap dog (Jan 2012) can you believe I'm 5-yrs old now? woohooo... party time! (Feb 2012)

Bailey lovin' the CA beaches (Jun 2012) ... and a car ride to my next good time (Oct 2012)

another beauty shot of Bailey enjoyin' life (Jul 2013)

Bailey vacations on a BIG ranch... (Jun 2014)

Bailey still lovin' his life... ... and his peeps (Dec 2016)

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